Thursday, November 30, 2017

Happy New Year, Baby Fortune

*Book source ~ NetGalley
1 January 2014
Contemporary | Romance
224 Pages

My Rating ~ 2 bites and a nibble

Stacey Fortune Jones is raising her daughter Piper by herself. Colton Foster feels guilty for pushing Stacey’s ex to propose when he clearly wasn’t ready, leaving Stacey as fast as his feet would take him when she tells him she’s pregnant. Even though they’ve grown up next to each other and Colton’s sister is Stacey’s best friend, something between them shifts at the New Year’s Eve party. Suddenly they can’t stop thinking about each other in a sexual way. And it’s awkward. Will they be able to forge a new relationship together or will it all come apart?

Considering I’ve read and enjoyed several of Leanne Banks’ Harlequin Blaze books in the past I was quite underwhelmed with this story. The characters are fairly shallow and the plot sketchy. There’s a lot of info dumping for those who haven’t read any of the previous Fortune books (that would be me) and the writing is amateurish for someone who has been writing a long time. It’s a bit of fluff to pass an afternoon, but there’s no substance to it. I only read it two days ago and I had already forgot about it by the time I sat down to write this review. For those who enjoy some light entertainment, a cute baby, and the world of the Fortunes then this should fill the bill.

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