Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Animal Instincts

*Book source ~ NetGalley
25 November 2013
Paranormal | Romance
212 Pages

My Rating ~ 1 bite
DNF @42%

Luc Lazare is half human and half something else. I don’t know what because I gave up at 42%. Skye Cross is also something, but at least she conveniently finds her mother’s old Book of Powers right when she needs it to explain what’s going on with the wonky things she can do. And it’s a good thing she reads that book out loud to her brother’s ghost so Luc can listen outside an open window and hear what she is since he keeps asking her every time they meet and she doesn’t answer him.

At 42% I had to toss in the towel. The characters are one-dimensional and stupid. There are SECRETS galore with no reveal in sight. It’s confusing as shit, the dialogue is stilted, and the pacing is herky jerky. It’s stagnant. The plot, what little there is of one, is just stuck in quick sand and sinking fast. Also, who calls cops "coppers" in a book set in what I can only guess is modern times? Skye calls her brother and his fellow officers "coppers" up until I had to stop reading or gouge my eyes out with a spork. Wtf!? This is an interesting world that got really shortchanged. The writing sucks. The end.

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