Monday, July 10, 2017

Grim Death and Bill the Electrocuted Criminal

*Book source ~ Library
28 February 2017
Horror | Fantasy
272 Pages
My Rating ~ 4 bites and a nibble

Bentley Hawthorne has a mission, a mission not of his choosing, but he must pay the price for something his parents did. For him. Sucks to be Bentley.

I’ve recently been reading Hellboy in both story and graphic novel forms, so when I saw this new story (not a graphic novel though it does have some illustrations) by Mike Mignola (and Tom Sniegoski though I haven’t read any of his stuff yet) at the library I snatched it up post haste. It’s different and yet it’s not. A lot too Batman-esque for my tastes, but unlike Batman, Bentley has supernatural abilities. Because of the lengths his parents went to save him when he was a sickly child on the verge of death, Bentley now has to work as Grim Death for his boss, Death. The family retainer, Pym, is a great addition. He’s very much like Batman’s Alfred, but yet slightly different. Bentley also has a “co-worker”, a raven named Roderick. And though the title indicates Bill as another co-worker, his active part in the story comes more at the end. There are several POVs which I enjoy and there are flashback chapters to get Bentley’s back story, what he was like as a child and how he came to be Grim Death, dispensing justice for those murdered before their time. Overall an interesting if horrifying tale and I look forward to more stories featuring Bentley and Bill.