Sunday, July 10, 2016

AVR Weekly News ~ 152nd Edition

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--- AVR News Update ---
Hello and Happy Sunday!

Grrr! What's so happy about it? I was going to work on this post yesterday, but...

Lightning hit right outside the house Friday evening. Seriously. Right, the fuck, above and along the backside of the house. Anna saw it out her window, Kyle saw it outside the window by his computer and Ralph saw it out the living room windows. Trip didn't see anything but the white light that comes with lightning since he was in their room at the front of the house. Some kind of sideways lightning maybe? There's no obvious contact points outside like the tree that got hit on Christmas Eve which we also saw and heard hit (it also took out the power at a transformer). I was changing out the disc in the DVD player because we were watching Harry Potter and I had just pushed the tray in when BOOOOM!!!! It was unbelievable. Tripped 2 breakers and fried the modem, router, switch, Roku and our big screen tv.

The water also went out and we were worried it took out the new pump. Got the plumber out today and it seems to be something blocking the line from the well to the house since there's water at the well and it's pumping, but no water is reaching the pressure tank under the house. So we bypassed the line using all of our garden hoses and one of the plumber's (since we were short about 8') and we have water for now. Then we started digging. And digging. And digging. WTF. We can't find the fucking water line. It's like some kind of magic trick. Either that or the line is like 6' deep or something. It's unreal. Anyway, we all have blisters and are really tired, but at least we have water for now. And internet since we ran to Best Buy and picked up a new modem/router combo. Not sure what we'll do about the tv. We've got a tiny one in the living room for now. I might need binoculars to watch it from the couch. Of course, with the Roku fried I can't watch Netflix in there anyway, so...*sigh*. Our lives are so exciting, but it's the kind of exciting I can do without. We've had way more storms and lightning in the last few months than I remember seeing in the last few years. When will this shit stop?

So, to sum up, I had a fairly busy week and then it ended with a major fucking bang. Yay? I guess I need to list the positives: no one was hurt, we still had power and thus A/C, the 2 yr old heat pump was not affected, no major (i.e. expensive) appliance was damaged, we had some extra money to get a new router/modem even though that's not what we were going to use it for and most of all, we bypassed the water problem for now and we have running water again. Toilet flushing, hand washing, doing dishes and taking showers especially in this heat? I'll take the bypass even if the pressure is a bit lower than normal. Bright side. Must look at bright side. As long as there's no more lightning making it bright.

Carol's Nuggets of Wisdom: Owning a home is full of all kinds of adventures. Don't buy one though without a substantial emergency fund for, well, emergencies. Because sometimes Mother Nature shits all over you or shit breaks or whatever else shit may happen and then you're screwed.

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
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  1. Eck! That doesn't sound like fun at all. Sorry everything blew out. Glad the lights stayed on. You guys really ave been getting some crazy weather the last few weeks. Stay Safe!

    Target always has a good sale on TV's if you can wait for one!

    Have a great week, Carol! Hope you have no more storms! ox

  2. That lightning sounds scary. I never had lighting hit anything close by, but it still scares me a bit. I am sorry to hear some of your appliances got fried, definitely sounds like the kind of excitement you can do without. I am glad to hear no one was hurt, but I can imagine it's still a scare and then a pain to deal with the things that got fried.I hope your next week is a better one!

  3. Mother Nature can be a huge PITA and summer storms can be dangerous. I'm glad no one was hurt. Bummer about all of the electronics. I hope this week goes more smoothly!

  4. Oh, I do recall the "joys" of home ownership, and remembering all of those quirks led to my renting this condo after I sold that house. So glad! Sure, there is nothing to leave the children (in real estate), but the market here is horrible, anyway.

    What a week's end! Sometimes listing the few positives is all we can do.

    I hope this next week is free from disasters. Enjoy your books. I am eyeing Everything We Keep.


  5. We had a bit of a blackout too. I was not happy about that. Here’s my Sunday Post!

  6. Wow, what horrible week you had. The lightning is really scary and did so much damage. I laughed at your comment about the TV. When we first bought our house we had a small tv and would sit on the floor in front of it to see the screen lol. I hope you'll get a break from these strange storms. I agree about your words of wisdom. Owning a house is nice but is a nightmare when something needs to be repaired. I hope you have a better week!

  7. Oh man that sucks! We had a storm and something like that happened to my brother, it hit outside their house and fried one of their laptops and shocked my niece as she was on her laptop and it zapped through it and gave her a little buzz. It took out several lights and other things. My bro has all the bad luck, poor guy.

    Hope this week is a lot better!

    Happy reading,

  8. Oh no! Another lightning strike? What is it near your house attracting the lightning? That's crazy. Thankfully no one was injured. I was just talking to my brother's wife about owning a home and having funds set aside for emergencies. My brother (who is 23) was blabbing about his wife's new job and pay increase and how she should spend it all, and I butted in. His wife is 10 years older than him and a little wiser, and she was listening as I rattled off major emergency issues that require big bucks, and my idiot brother said, "That's what homeowner's insurance is for!" Oh, boy. I am thankful the man has plenty set aside at all times in his "house fund" for anything, like the new washing machine.

  9. Well that doesn't sound like any fun at all :( we want a house so badly, but when we hear about this kinda shit were semi thankful to live in our way too crowded apartment. I hope that this week has led to some more permanent solutions - like the discovery of that effing water line!

    Question - did you have appliances hooked up to surge protectors and they didnt work? Or you didn't have them connected? Some of our stuff is on them and some isn't. Sometimes I think, I should really go buy more surge protectors. But they're expensive. So I'm trying to decide if this is a warning g to me to go get them or to not waste the money.