Sunday, January 3, 2016

AVR Weekly News ~ 125th Edition

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--- AVR News Update ---
Hello and Happy Sunday!

On the Home Front: I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year. Thus begins 2016 where we are 0/12 complete or 0% uploaded.

Touching Nature: Rain, rain, rain...oh, look! More rain. Fuck off already! At least the temps have gone back to more normal ones for this time of year, 50s/30s.

Book News: I finished the year with 244 books read. I set my 2016 Goodreads & Booklikes goals for 250, so we'll see how that goes. I have all of January drafted and scheduled. I just need to read 1 book for a tour and 2 books for InD'tale Magazine. InD'tale's reviews are due Tues. so I'm scrambling, but I'll get them done. Most of January's reviews will be graphic novels. Sorry about that. It's what I have the most of. lol And the for the first time in a few years I've joined another challenge besides the general books-read-type. I posted my Bookish Resolutions hosted by Michelle and Laura. You can still join HERE.

Don't Touch That Dial!: Hubby & I managed a few episodes of Buffy and Angel, but that's it.

At the Flicks: Nothing until possibly February when we may see Deadpool.

Cyberspace Playground: Nope. Been too busy working on posts.


That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
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  1. Happy New Year!! 244 books? Wow I'm so jealous. I wish I could have read so many books. But I managed to get 141, and I'm really proud of that! :D

    1. That's an awesome number! You should be proud. *high fives*

  2. Happy new year! Here we had a lot of rain too, but also some dry days and mostly mild temperatures, although we finally had some colder days as well. You definitely got a lot of books read last year, I hope you'll reach your goal for this year :). Have a great week and enjoy your new books!

    1. Thankfully the rain has moved on. For now. But the temps did dip down into the teens at night. Brrr! I hope I reach my goal, too. I have so many I want to read! lol

  3. Happy New Year! Reading 244 books last year is amazing. Good luck with this years goal. Have a great week and enjoy your new books!

  4. OMG! I love your randomness. 244 is amazing. I ended with 169. The Jim Butcher book is on my TBR pile too. I have to finish The Dresden Files first though. Here's to a great 2016! Happy Reading.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & @ Rabid Reads.

    1. I was hoping I wouldn't be the only who found it hilarious. lol We love the Dresden Files. I'm not sure I'll have time for his new series yet. Maybe I should just wait. #bookwormdilemmas lol

  5. I just picked up that same kindle first book today. 😃 Enjouy your reads!


  6. I'll trade rain for snow, free!

    You did well with your reading goal, congrats!

    Happy new year and happy reading!

    1. I almost wish we had snow. I miss it down here, we get it so rarely.

      Thanks! :D

  7. I still need to finish the last episode of Buffy. I was a late convert fan. Since I know what happens with Spike, I'm dreading the end lol

    1. I started watching Feb of last year. And then when we finally finished our CSI:Miami watch, I convince my hubby to watch with me. :D And I know what you mean. But have you watched Angel? Because Season 5, just sayin'. ;)