Sunday, December 27, 2015

AVR Weekly News ~ 124th Edition

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  • Sunday ~ AVR Weekly News ~ 125th Edition

--- AVR News Update ---
Hello and Happy Sunday!

On the Home Front: We had a pretty good Christmas even though the weather is too fucking warm for this time of year here in NC. I hope everyone has survived the food-filled holiday and is ready for the New Year. I received some awesome gifts, but my favorites are Spike the Complete series graphic novel and the Impala (Hot Wheel-sized) from Supernatural. :D Oh! And Mallo Cups in my stocking. Nomnomnom!

Touching Nature: As mentioned above, it's too damn warm! 70s in NC! I had to turn on the A/C which is so fucking ridiculous I can't even... Anyway, we had a nasty thunderstorm roll through here on Christmas Eve day. We were watching Elf (with the windows open, for fuck's sake) and the thunder and lightning were creeping closer and closer. Just as we were discussing closing the windows because the thunder and lightning were becoming simultaneous, a bolt hit a tree out in the woods about 50 yds from the house. A blinding flash and eardrum bursting boom later and we had no power. Then the bottom dropped out of the clouds and the rain came down like it was water going over Niagra Falls. Luckily, Duke Energy came out lickity split and we had power back after only 2 hrs and I was able to finish cooking the ham. While we waited for the power to come back on we went outside to fix the gravel in the driveway because the deluge made quite the mess. I would show a pic of the lightning struck tree with the bark exploded everywhere, but the USB cable that hooks my dock to my computer took a dump. Maybe from the power outage. Who knows? Anyway hopefully the new cable coming Tuesday will work and I can share next week.

Book News: Nothing to report here.

Don't Touch That Dial!: Nothing to report here.

At the Flicks: We saw Star Wars on Monday and eveyone quite enjoyed it.

Cyberspace Playground: Been too busy with holiday stuff, so I got nothing.

Randomness: This is so completely me, I can't express this enough. LOL

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
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  1. It's crazy how the east coast was warm. But in California it was raining and cold. It's good you got your power back on and you were still able to enjoy Christmas Eve. We just watched Star Wars and I loved it. I can't wait for the next movie. I hope you have a Happy New Year!!

    1. The weather has just been ridiculous. Star Wars was great. Already looking forward to the next one. Glad there will be some good movies in 2016 to take our minds off the wait. lol Thanks! I hope you do, too!

  2. I'm in Ohio and the weather is crazy warm here too. My grass is green in December and that is just wrong. I woke up this morning to a monsoon and a river in my backyard.

    I hope you had a good Christmas. I can't wait for the new year. I'm hoping that winter comes soon.

    1. Yeah, my mom (and most of my relatives) still live in Ohio and she's been enjoying the warm weather. lol

      I'm looking forward to 2016. We need some cold weather though to kill these bugs. :D

  3. I was walking around without a coat on Christmas, crazy. But, we're supposed to get a lot of snow this Tuesday, our first of the season. I saw Star Wars also and enjoyed it. I'm glad your power was only out for a few hours.

    Happy New Year!

    1. I've been in shorts and a t-shirt for the last few days! And turned on the A/C! That is just so wrong. Luckily, it looks like we'll be back to normal temps for NC on Fri. Loved Star Wars!! Bring on the next one. :)

  4. I'm loving the warm weather! Of course my family says that I'm a reptile but then I'm pretty sure they're trying to freeze me to death so I'm not sure they can be believed. I've had lightening hit a tree hundreds of feet away and it was crazy loud so I can't even imagine. Hope the driveway wasn't too awful. Have a great week and hopefully you won't have to touch too much nature next week!

    1. I have had my more than my quota of touching nature this week. I would like to not do anymore touching until Spring, thankyouverymuch Mother Nature. And by Spring I mean MARCH, not Spring this Winter. LOL The driveway wouldn't be a problem if we could get the damn tractor running. *sigh* And that Awesome and scary as fuuuuudge.

  5. I loved not having to wear a coat on Now its raining buckets and cold...blah. Glad that your power was back on fairly quick so you could finish your ham. ��

    1. Christmas is the one time a year I'd like to have snow. lol We're supposed to get more rain this week and then drop back to normal temps for NC (50s/30s) Fri.

      Ikr. I mean, I cook a ham one time a year and I usually burn it. But this year it was perfect. LOLOL