Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Heart of Stone

*Book source ~ NetGalley
Series ~ Gargoyles, #1
Publisher ~ St. Martin's
Published ~ 31 December 2013
Genre ~ Paranormal | Romance
Pages ~ 320

My Rating ~ 4 bites

Ella Harrow has a terrible secret she’s kept since she was twelve. But forget the past. She has another secret in the present that she doesn’t realize is putting her in very real danger. Until one night when she’s attacked at the museum where she works and she wakes a Guardian named Kees. She freaks out, not so much from the attack, but from the fact that the gargoyle statue has come to life and defended her. Has she lost her mind? Is she hallucinating? Has she been knocked out and this is just a dream? What the hell is going on?

I’ve been reading paranormal books for quite a few years now and while I love vampires and shifters I do love to read about something different every once in awhile. Gargoyles. Now, that’s different. Though technically Kees is a Guardian and not a gargoyle even though he has fangs, claws, horns, skin like stone and wings. Once out of his slumber he can change to look more human and then back to his Guardian form at will. He has no magic of his own, but he’s made from magic so he’s extremely hard to kill. Good thing because he and his six brother Guardians are what keep the Seven from overrunning the Earth and destroying all of mankind. But something terrible has been happening while he and his brothers slumber and it’s up to Kees and Ella to find and wake the other Guardians, and stay alive while being pursued by vile creatures, before all is lost.

I love this new world and the people who inhabit it. Kees is a hunk of nommy badassness and Ella is spunky and smart. It’s fast, funny, hot, interesting and full of magic and danger. Ella’s friend Fil (Felicity) is introduced and I like her. Good thing since she’s in the next book. I look forward to reading more about this world.


  1. 4 bites, hmm? I didn't like this one and haven't picked up the subsequent ones. I was all excited too by a story about gargoyles, le sigh.

    1. You didn't love this?! *gasp* I still love you, Bea. :D

      I love the world. And gargoyles. lol I have no idea when I'll get to the next one though.

    2. Nope. :D I thought Ella was though spineless and whiny and Kees I never warmed up to. It's okay though, we can still be friends. :D

    3. *wipes forehead* That's a relief. :D

  2. Gargoyles, that is totally different. I wonder if I have this

    1. I need more gargoyle books. Someone needs to get writing those. lol