Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Sunday Post ~ 115th Edition

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AVR News Update
Hello and Happy Sunday!

Happy 4th Blogiversary to me! 
Something that completely passed me by because I wasn't paying attention. lol

Let's Dance!!

On the Home Front: I did a bunch of running around and overall non-jammie activities. It sucked. However, I did bake some nommynoms yesterday. You know, because I was supposed to be writing reviews. But also because nom.

Touching Nature: Did a lot of this. We worked on our shed (AKA The Exterior Library). I do believe we buttoned up any remaining gaps and should now have completely denied entrance to any bugs wishing to encamp in our precious space. Still have some trim to put up before we start on building shelves, but that'll have to wait for more money than we have at the moment. Also, I mowed (hopefully for the last time) and then trusty Leaf Blower and I engaged in Battle I of the Leafageddon. Or Leafpocalypse. Whichever. Mother Nature waited until I was done then turned up the volume on the wind thus creating a hailstorm of leaves and acorns. That bitch.

Book News: Some reading and reviewing going on but not nearly enough.  I picked up some library books and the very next day more came in. *sigh* #bookwormproblems I currently stand at 19 books behind on my challenge. Also, Juliet Landau (Drusilla from Buffy/Angel) followed me on Twitter thus encouraging something that rarely happens for me...a shocked expression and a very brief fangirl moment before I returned the follow and resumed business as usual. 

Don't Touch That Dial!: Nada

At the Flicks: Nada 

Cyberspace Playground: InD'tale Magazine has a YouTube channel that will have new things on the horizon. Subscribe to stayed tuned! 

Randomness: I love my friends who share stuff like this with me. LOL

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
Shelf Additions
From the library
Yes, they are all graphic novels I suggested as purchases. 
I rock and my library rocks more.

(it's giganamous!)

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Be sure to practice safe clicking.


  1. Happy blogoversary! Mine snuck by me last year too, so I can relate. At least you caught it, right? :)

    We had a lot of wind too, and now there's leaves all over the place. Cause like, fall. I guess. Now I have to rake 'em. Or I could just leave em.

    Bring on the scary reads!

    1. Thank you! :)

      I'd love to just leave the leaves *snickers* but we have way too many trees. Plus, I kinda like battling them . :D

  2. Happy Blogoversary! I always forget mine I just never really think about it as I have been blogging for so Enjoy your new reads!

    Week in Review

    1. Thank you! Each year I think "Ok, I need to DO something this year." and then...nada. LOL

  3. Happy Blogoversary! I missed my this year too. I totally forgot, I feel like I have been doing this forever and the time just flies by lol :)

    It was windy at the end of the week but thankfully we have no trees by our house so, no leaves, thank goodness.

    That meme screamed you so I had to share it. It made me LOL I love spike!

    Have a great week Carol! I need to go check out the Sleepy Hollow book you grabbed that books cool! Happy Reading! ox

    1. Thank you! I forget every single year! I'm a bad blogger. lol

      Share as many Spike memes as you like. I wuv him. ;)

      It does! I should read it right now but I can't. *pouts* Next year I want to have more Halloween-y posts in Oct. *starts plotting*

  4. Happy blogoversary!!!

    Leaves are a pain in the butt, they are everywhere here in Scotland, you never know what they are hiding! Still everything looks beautiful!

    1. Thank you! :)

      They do look nice, but we have so many that they smother the grass and are slippery when wet. So they must be blown away into the woods. lol

  5. Happy blogaversary! *throws confetti*

    Mother Nature can be a bitch, boo. But autumn leaves are sure pretty to look at. :)

    You Have The Power! Your library rocks.

    Now go write your reviews, and could you do mine?

    1. Thank y ou! *smiles at confetti then looks at confetti on floor, looks at Bea then Dyson...vrooooom* Sorry. lolol

      They are pretty and she is a bitch. But she's not going to intimidate me! *assumes grrrr face*

      My library is so cool. But the book I requested last week hasn't been added to my Holds (yet) so I may have finally struck out. *pouts*

      I have one left (for now) and no. lol

  6. Electric Elizabeth caught my special attention. Must check that out. And I see a few others too. Happy 4th Blogoversary! Mine comes up in February. I hope I don't forget again this year. LOL

    Here's my Sunday Post -

    1. Thank you! I forget every year. I have a feeling I will continue to do so. lol

  7. *breaks out in dance* Happy Blogoversary my friend!! Now stop reading and go write those

    1. Thank you! *jumps up to dance*

      I got those reviews written and now I have more to do. lol

  8. Great post dear! Have a wonderful weekend:)

  9. Happy blogiversary! And I love some of those dancing gifs!

    I also love the Spike Meme cos... who didn't love Spike?! Well, I didn't originally but by the time he had the chip in his head I had a bit of a crush on him and was 'Team Spike' rather than 'Team Angel'!

    1. Thank you! I was trying to find ones from my favorite shows. :D

      He is just so damn yummy! I loved him as evil then loved him even more after he was chipped and had to learn to adjust. What a great character! Angel's ok, but Spike just had such a fascinating journey. I loved watching him struggle. Plus, he was funny. :D

  10. Happy Blogoversary! I saw all of you NOMs on FB and was very jealous. I have Kindling Flames, I can't wait to see your review.

    1. Thank you! We were in NOM overload. *thud* lol I have no idea when I'll get to Kindling Flames. My freebies tend to stagnate in my TBR. I need to do something about that next year.