Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Sunday Post ~ 104th Edition

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AVR News Update
Hello and Happy Sunday! 

It's August! The year is 7/12 complete and school will be starting in 15 days. Yikes! For those who may have missed me last week I had a lot going on. I'm not sure whether to write a book or just list everything in bullet notes. 

On the Home Front: Our van is a piece of shit. Period. But it had to be fixed to pass inspection because the tags were expiring 7/31 and we were leaving for OH on 8/1. After so much fucking frustration, which I will not detail here but it was days worth, we finally got it all straightened out and flying at least mostly right. But it cost us mucho bucks. 
We left for OH on 8/1 later than we wanted, but that was ok. Except it wasn't. We got held up in traffic 3 different times for a total of 2 hours. Gah! That put us late to see my brother and his new place then even later (11pm!) by the time we got to my father-in-law. Both live in Southern OH. It was a long fucking day. But we had wonderful visits. :) Then we traveled north to my parents homestead on 8/3. I grew up on a farm about 40 minutes south of Cleveland, but the area is really expanding. And I thought our neck of the woods in NC was growing fast. Yikes!

We were having a fantastic visit then Jessica (who was house/pet sitting) called Tues evening to say there was no water. Wtf? We replaced the pressure switch the weekend before, but we had her do this and do that with no results. Contacted a friend and he ran over to check it out. Breaker for the well pump had tripped. Well, that's not good. It worked for a bit then bupkis. Since she was by herself she said she could get by without it. She had filled some spare milk jugs we keep for ice storms and possible power outages, so we stayed until Thurs as planned. Our trip home was so very smooth compared to the start and 9 hrs later we came home to running water. Again, wtf is going on? Knowing it wouldn't keep working forever because that's the kind of luck we have, I managed to get the bathtub filled to flush toilets, washed up the dishes, filled the animals water jug, made tea and lemonade and washed a load of towels. Went to bed exhausted and woke up Fri morning to no water. Great.

Got a plumber out and they said it was the pump. Not just the pump. They pulled it out (all 350' ft of pipe, wire and then pump) and the wire is fucked up, too. Well, we were hoping it wasn't but were resigned that it would be because the pump breaker wouldn't be tripping if it was something else. It's 15 yrs old, we have high sediment and we use a lot of water, so it runs a lot. And it is, of course, the most expensive repair which has been the story of our lives lately. After researching pumps, I'm actually surprised it lasted this long. Anyway, the replacement is even more bucks than the van. Big bucks. Like, we had to borrow, big. So we've been without water since Fri. We needed a 1.5HP pump (that's powerful for those who don't know and hard to find believe me, I looked when we were going to pull the pump ourselves which I'm glad now we didn't attempt) and it had to be ordered. We should have water some time tomorrow afternoon. Do you know how many times you reach for a water faucet or toilet handle a day? I do because it's so hard to remember...we have no fucking water! *sighs* 

Anyway, Anna is staying at Jessica's and we filled 41 milk jugs (yes, we had that many hoarded away because we were going to make milk jug planters but never got around to it) at her apartment. So we have water for drinking, water for dish washing and water for toilet flushing. We should be good until the plumbers get us up and running again. Hubby is working today so it's just me and the boys. And I look at it this could be worse. At least we have electricity. *knocks on wood*

Touching Nature: I mowed before heading to Ohio. I will not be mowing again until we have water because I will end up a sweaty slightly-gasoline-smelling mess. We have cherry tomatoes in the garden, waiting for some big tomatoes to get red and we came home to two cucumbers! Kinda nice our shitty garden is producing at least a bit of something.

Book News: I have just a couple things to finish for August and the calendar will be complete. The big news is that I was hired as a part-time Acquisitions Editor for Hartwood Publishing. I get paid to read books. WOOT! In fact, I rushed to get my first books read for them before I left for OH so I dropped everything else I was working on for the paying gig. Money definitely took priority.

Don't Touch That Dial!: Nada

At the Flicks: Nada

The Internet Highway: Nada


I want these!

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
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  1. I hope the great book haul will in part make up for all your worries, you definitely had a very nice collection of them and I hope it's all now over *knocks on wood* Congrats on getting paid to read books, I think a lot of us are going to envy you for that, at least, lol ! Have a peaceful week-end ;)

    1. It helps. lol The plumbers are here right at this very minute. Yay!

  2. Oh my friend..lock yourself in a rom with some books, a few truffles and bottled water. Lord, you have had your share of woes.

    1. This year has mostly sucked, for sure. But, chin up and all that rot. :D

  3. Congrats on the job you lucky devil! You really had a shitty few days. I have my fingers crossed that all goes smoothly tomorrow with the installation. Eeep.

    Go grab some chocolate and some alcohol and READ!

    1. They're here installing it right now. *fingers crossed* all goes well with the well. lol

      We had some wine and watched some Murdoch Mysteries. :D

  4. Oh god, you need a vacation with all that crap! Go hide with some coffee and read a book!

    1. I need a week without something costing me money. Hell, I want the rest of the year to not cost me money. lol

  5. Congratulations on the new job .Getting paid to read books is a really great job! :D
    my Sunday post: