Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Sunday Post ~ 98th Edition

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AVR News Update
Hello and Happy Sunday! 

Home Front: On Monday Anna graduated (and got her pic in the newspaper) and Trip turned 16. It was a busy day, but we survived. :) On Weds Jessica's application for an apartment was approved and she'll be moving out on July 11th. So excited for her! The apt is very nice (there's a pool! lol) and the security eases our mind about her living on her own. Plus, it's just down the road. So YAY! Late Thurs night/early Fri morning (about 1:30am) our internet went down and AT&T, being the splendid company they are (NOT!) didn't get the outage fixed until this morning. Assholes. No, I do not have a smartphone, for those who are wondering. Yes, I am a luddite. Ok, maybe not a luddite, but I refuse to pay out the ass for a smartphone and data package. So, it's not that I'm opposed to new technology, I'm opposed to the price attached to it. Is there a word for that? Besides cheapskate?
In order to qualify for the red cord, she had to donate blood to Red Cross 3 times her Senior year. :)
Ok, yeah, don't give me any shit about the number of candles. We had to get creative because I always forget we need more. lol

Touching Nature: It continues to be hot, hot, hot and we've had storms rolling through periodically. Weds hubby & I were out actually touching nature. I mowed, he weedeated and we beat back some of the forest that was encroaching. I contracted the dreaded poison ivy. I swear I only have to be within 10' of it and I get it. I know what it looks like and I avoid it, but that does NOT help. So...itchiness in various places, but not too bad. At least this time I didn't get it on my face.

Book News: My tour from Friday had to be moved to today since my internet was down and I couldn't get it posted. With the internet down I did get 11 reviews written. I read 4 new books (wrote 3 of those reviews) and then I reread all 8 of the Buffy Season 8 graphic novels so I could write up the reviews and return them to the library. So I guess I was pretty productive. lol I did not get any posts drafted though, so I need to do that.

Don't Touch That Dial: We have finished Season 1 of our Supernatural rewatch. Then the internet went down and we were stuck waiting to start Season 2. Friday night hubby said, "I hope Sam and Dean are ok." I had to laugh. First of all, we left them after they got hit by a semi, they're all bloody and knocked out and Baby is trashed! And 2nd, we've seen all this before. So, yeah, I'm pretty sure they're not ok. lol

At the Flicks: Nada

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
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  1. It's amazing how much we can get down without the distraction of the internet. But I still hate when ever I'm without it! Sounds like a busy week with lots to celebrate.

    1. Ikr?! LOL I hate when it's out, too. I really so heavily on it for just about everything.

  2. Gah, annoying when the net goes down but aren't we so productive? LOL That sucks about the poison ivy. I'm sensitive to it also so I feel your pain. Hopefully it clears up quickly!

    1. It is so totally frustrating! But, yay for productivity. lol The PI isn't too bad. Just spotty here and there. Willpower keeps me from scratching most of the time, but not 100% of the time. lol

  3. Gosh you sound busy -- and poison ivy sounds awful! Everyone goes on about the snakes and spiders (and sharks and crocodiles) in Australia, but at least the plants don't try to destroy us :)

    Congrats to your girl!

    1. It seems like I've suddenly gotten busy. I much prefer my boring days. lol Posion ivy is so annoying, but I've gotten it on my face and it was awful. I can handle it anywhere but there. I'd rather tangle with poiosn ivy than the stuff you mentioned though. lol

  4. I definitely feel deprived without any of the services ATT provides, and all of mine were down for a bit. But it was a simple reboot....and then later, I had other problems, and fortunately they came out and gave me a new modem and fixed it all with some cables, etc.

    Sometimes it works out.

    Enjoy your week, and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

    1. I know I say it at least once a month (maybe more lol), but I hate AT&T. Glad yours was fixed! :)

  5. Sounds like a very busy week. I've been battling U-Verse this week. My internet drops out every 5-10 minutes. Signal just...gone. It's driving me crazy.

    1. AT&T truly sucks around here. Hope yours is fixed soon!

  6. I wish I had time to go and watch Supernatural and get caught up with it but I'm the middle of a good book reading spell and want to continue it! Enjoy your dvds!

    1. Hubby is home on vacation so we've been binging a bit. It's so damn hot out that working outside is miserable, so it is perfect timing. :)

  7. Wow. A very busy week and so many changes. I had a slow week last week and trying to keep it that way this one too. Looks like you have some good new books also. Enjoy your reads:)

    My Sunday Post -

    1. Lots of changes going on. Kids grow up so fast! I'm ready for a slow week and getting back to my boring life. lol