Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Sunday Post ~ 80th Edition

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  • Wednesday ~ WoWwA ~ Cold Days by Jim Butcher
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  • Friday ~ Tour ~ Please Don't Tell My Parents I Blew Up the Moon by Richard Roberts 
  • Sunday ~ The Sunday Post ~ 81st Edition

AVR News Update
Hello and Happy Sunday! 

I mentioned in last Sunday's Post that we were doing the linoleum in our shed, AKA the Exterior Library. Well, we got it done! Ooh-rah!! I will freely admit that without the help from the teens we would have never finished it in one day. We were losing daylight when hubby & I finished putting down the linoleum and the kids made it a competition to see who would return the most stuff inside. It got done super quick, if a little sloppily. lol And I must say, when they were moving stuff out, I had to use the Shop Vac to suck up a bajillion stink bugs. On Monday I emptied the Shop Vac into the burning barrel and burned them to ash. Little fuckers. I hate them.

That's about it for me. I spent the first half of the week walking around like a 100-yr-old woman, but the muscle soreness has worn off now. The weather is turning decidely colder and after it being 70º last Sunday, this really blows. Speaking of blows it was super windy yesterday. Almost like March. We're supposed to be getting some snow/wintry mix Monday night into Tuesday morning. We'll see if it really does. And if it does people here in NC will lose their minds.

Lastly, I did pick up some freebies from Amazon this week, mostly naughty ones, but I'm just too tired to list them. Sorry, my friends.

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
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  1. The shed looks great, good job on the floor! I am not looking forward to stink bug season. Last year wasn't bad but the year before that they were always in the house.

    70 would be such nice weather but we are 14 today and a low of 0 tonight. I told my husband we just need two more years and we are moving to florida. I love the winter but I can't take it anymore. I'll take a chance with Hurricanes :)

    Have a great week, Carol! Enjoy all your new reads that you were to tired to post ;)

    1. Omg, I hate stink bugs! They were everywhere in the shed and they've been in the house. Hate them, hate them, hate them! They are so fugly! And they stink! Did I mention I hate them? LOL

      I wish 70 would have hung round, but this week is crap. :P

      I wish I was enjoying my new reads, but I seem to be in a slump. blerg Oh, well, this too shall pass. Thanks! :)

  2. I love the Harry Dresden series but I really need to catch up on it. I'm on the 4th book (I believe) but I haven't picked it up from the library yet. It looks like you have been super busy! I have a bunch of projects that I was planning on doing this winter but none of them have been done yet. Ugh! I hope that you have a great week!!!

    1. We're on the last book that's out. Gah! We may go into withdrawals when we finish it! lol

      We have a lot of projects lined up, but they require decent weather. *sigh* Spring will be here before we know it so I guess I shouldn't be wishing for time to move faster. :)

  3. The shed definitely looks better, it's a good improvement. The weather is turning spring-timey here, not so cold, more rain/sun/rain/sun (march is approaching), I'm anxiously waiting for May and the blooming of roses ! I plan to catch up on the Dresden files. Well, take a rest and have a great week ;)

    1. We regressed this week. Had some snow/sleet and the temps are cold. Bleck

      I'm not sure what we'll do when we're done with the Dresden Files. We're on the last pubbed one now! O.O

  4. Great job with the shed. I hate those stink bugs too. Especially when they get in the house and dive bomb me when they are flung around by the ceiling fan! LOL
    My Sunday Post -

    1. Hahahaha! I know what you mean about the ceiling fan! :D Lucky for us, the ones in the house like to hang out around our kitchen lights, so they're easy to dispatch to the big stink bug heaven in the sky. I hope we got the majority in the shed. I read they don't like mint, so I draped a couple towels sprinkled with mint essential oil over the rafters. The shed smells really good at least. :)

  5. Damn, I always look forward to seeing your freebies. Ah well. The floor looks good, how long before you're using the library?

    I hope you're wintry mix is mild; right now we have @6 feet of snow on the ground and the temp, with windchill, is -20. Brrrrr. Send some of that 70s weather my way!

    1. I knew you'd be disappointed, but look at it this freebies listed, no temptation. lol I've picked some up this week. If my new router fixes my internet issues then I should be able to list them without pulling out my hair. :) We won't be able to do any more to the library until the weather clears up. We have one small strip of linoleum to do at the back wall and then we can start building shelves. We also still have some outside trim and some inside caulking to do. Everything requires dry ground and warmer temps though and that's something we don't have right now. :P

      The mix was mild except for it staying to cold to really melt. The South is just not equppied for this kind of stuff. I wish we still had that 70º weather. *sigh*