Monday, August 5, 2013

Promotion ~ 2 Free Books!

Authors Jeff Brackett and Edward Lorn are currently working on their first collaborative novel, Chucklers.

Here’s your chance to sample their works. Both writers are offering free books between August 1st and August 5th.

Humanity is in the eye of the beholder.

But for street-smart detective Amber Payne, it's the eyes that aren't human. Cybernetic implants replaced the organics she lost in the line of duty, and their appearance often causes Amber to doubt her self-worth.

Rookie detective Kevin Glass is her partner.  And though he may be new, Kevin's unparalleled skill as an elite cyber-surfer makes him an invaluable asset.

When Alta Corp contracts the two of them to solve a case of high stakes data theft, they will need every bit of skill, experience, and determination to succeed. For the more they investigate, the more it becomes evident that this case is much more than it appears, and its resolution may forever alter the world in which they live.

What does it take to ruin a perfectly good summer? Four cherry bombs.

When twelve-year-old Trey and his best friend Eddy play a prank on Officer Mack, the resulting chain of events rocks the small town of Bay's End.

Today, Trey Franklin is a man haunted by his past. Tormented by that one tragic, fateful summer, Trey searches for catharsis the only way he knows how - by writing.

A tale of love and loss, bittersweet memories, and the depths of human evil.

Welcome to Bay's End.

*Warning: Contains graphic language and adult situations.

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While I haven't yet (soon, my pretties) had the opportunity to review Streets of Payne or Bay's End, I have reviewed works by both authors and you'll find my links to those reviews below. Don't wait for me to review Streets of Payne and Bay's End though! Go grab a copy of each for yourself TODAY! 

Half Past Midnight by Jeff Brackett
Road to Rejas by Jeff Brackett
Hope for the Wicked by Edward Lorn
Life After Dane by Edward Lorn

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