Monday, May 28, 2012

Half Past Midnight

Title ~ Half Past Midnight
Author ~ Jeff Brackett
Publisher ~ Telemachus Press
Published ~ 9 December 2011
Genre ~ Post-Apocalyptic

My Rating ~ 5 out of 5

Leeland Dawcett is a machinist in his family-owned shop and is working a Saturday with his dad when it happens…Doomsday. Leeland is a survivalist and has done his best to be ready for this occasion. He needs to protect his family, pack up their supplies and get the heck out of Houston before the city gets a big heaping helping of nuclear bombs. So begins the story of a man and his family trying to survive the unthinkable.

I am one of the most stingy of people to give out a rating of 5. A book really has to be well-written or at least grab me and my imagination and not let go even when I’m done reading it. This story does both.

Well-written, smooth-flowing, excellent plot and compelling. I kept thinking throughout the story: Would I, could I be able to do that? What would I do here? What if…? The characters were compelling and you wanted them to survive. So many situations to survive and sometimes it was with skill, sometimes it was luck, many times it was plain hard work. Sometimes, they didn’t, so you mourned and moved on.

Leeland is a reluctant hero. Someone we root on when he’s scared out of his mind and someone we want to smack when he downplays his importance to everyone around him. He’s the Everyman/Everywoman forced into an uncommon situation and who we hope can survive and inspire others to do the same. Because the world isn’t the same anymore and we need everyone if we’re to survive and prosper.

My only complaint and it’s a small one, is I would’ve liked to known how the rest of the United States was fairing. Other than one news bulletin we don’t really learn anything about anyone else in the US or the world. The story centers around one small town, but it would’ve been nice to get occasional news about the rest of humanity.

*Red Adept provided a copy of this book to me for review. Please see disclaimer page.

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