Sunday, June 10, 2012

That Thing at the Zoo

That Thing at the Zoo
   (Deacon Chalk: Occult Bounty Hunter, #.5)
   ~ James R. Tuck
Publisher ~ Kensington
Published ~ 27 January 2012

My Rating ~ 4 out of 5

Something is killing animals at the Atlanta Zoo. Since the bodies have been torn apart in a very strange way Detective John Longyard knows this case is going in the ‘Weird Shit’ file, so he calls the local Occult Bounty Hunter, Deacon Chalk to come do his thing. Deacon and his team decide it could be several nasty things, so the only way to find out and kill it is to stay the night in the zoo. Things get just a little weird after nightfall.

This short story is a quick read. Fast-paced, smooth-flowing with an interesting plot and characters, you’ll wish there was more to read. Don’t worry. You can go on and read the full length novel Blood and Bullets then upcoming in a few weeks is another short Spider’s Lullaby before another full length novel Blood and Silver comes out August 1st. It looks like Deacon Chalk will be around for awhile and for that I’m glad.


  1. This sounds like a great read and i am making a note of Blood and Bullets..ooh and the others..thanks!