Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Grave Mistake

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Codex Blair, #1
24 January 2017
335 Pages
My Rating ~ 1 bite
DNF @68%

Blair Sheach is a loner. After reading about her I can understand why. What a whiny completely unlikeable TSTL character. I slogged through 68% hoping that this story would get better. It didn’t. Blair is a twatwaffle. The other characters are assholes. Not even a mildly interesting paranormal element could raise this up. When does magic not make things interesting? In this story. Right here. Writing sucks, plot sucks, characters suck, and there's little to no world building. Skip it. For the love of books, skip it. I’m going to pretend she dies. Yay! A HEA. The end.

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