Friday, May 25, 2018

Linda Gets Her Groove Thing

*Book source ~ Purchased
17 May 2017
Humor | Paranormal 
92 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 Bites

Linda White dies during an argument over a battery operated boyfriend and finds herself in The Green Room. Alumni Dee Smeltzer and Bonnie Hampton take her in hand and show her the ropes. Not literally, that I know of anyway. But there are probably ropes and more in the naughty Green Room, but I digress. Anyway, Linda wants revenge against her dead husband, so Dee introduces her to Edwina Starr, local sorceress. Let the fun begin!

Ah, the Green Room where naughty fun shenanigans take place. If you’re looking for a lighthearted, short, fun read then this is one to pick up. From Linda’s untimely death to her quest for revenge against her cheating sleaze ball husband who had the misfortune to die and leave her massively in debt, the entertainment doesn’t stop. Edwina is brilliant, but you’ll want to stay on her good side. Yeeee! I’m looking forward to meeting new additions to the Green Room. Which is kinda weird because that means I’m wishing characters dead. Ah, well. lol 

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