Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Featured Spotlight ~ Juniper Court Series

From Sweet to Swingers...
from LGBT to BDSM...
It's happening behind the doors of Juniper Court.

I had the good fortune of reading Relationship Resuscitation by Jennifer Theriot and now I want to read all the books in the Juniper Court Series. Time is my enemy though so I have no idea when I'll get to them. But get to them I will. 

I was so taken by the brilliant idea of a cul-de-sac with each house given to an author to write about that I asked those talented wordcrafters how they got started. Isabelle Peterson was the mastermind behind the plan and she gave everyone their house and the ages of the characters then set them loose to do what they do best - create. And create they did. I hope you'll grab a book or two or three (or more) and fall into the world of Juniper Court with me.

Project Paradise ~ Phoebe Alexander

I think Isabelle literally said to me, your house is about a couple who wants to try swinging. It just sort of snowballed (pun intended :P) from there because Valley was formed in my mind very soon after. The rest is history!

The New Neighbor ~ Isabelle Peterson
Juniper Court concept creator

I got the idea from walking the dog and one day I overheard neighbors - um, being intimate... at 10am - LOL - later that week, I spied another of my neighbors kissing passionately at the front door...
It got me thinking about a cul-de-sac where all the neighbors kinda keep eyes on each other, noting the - um behaviors - of all the neighbors.

Then Again ~ Sylvie Stewart

I knew my book would feature Jenna, a divorced single mom wanting to get back into the dating world. It was fun to get this "writing prompt" and take it where I wanted. I knew she had to be feeling uncertain, so I created a journey for her where things didn't come so easily. I also wanted to focus on how crucial the support of other women is (in Jenna's case, it was her sister) during life's transitions. I wove the story around those ideas, bringing in humor, a genuinely good man, and an HEA, of course!

Power Play ~ Lainie Suzanne

Isabelle reached out to me about writing a story revolving around a couple in their prime living on Juniper Court, exploring the BDSM lifestyle. Initially, they were 'The Campbells'. However, I have close friends by that name and I changed them to the Sullivans.

Nina and Sully were so much fun to write. There are so many books that show the 'perfect' side of the lifestyle. But real life is far from perfect, so I decided to explore that facet of Nina and Sully's journey into BDSM.

Relationship Resuscitation ~ Jennifer Theriot

When Isabelle contacted me about being one of the authors in this series, I thought it was such a brilliant idea and concept! She provided us with an aerial view of the cul-de-sac, complete with the house numbers and assigned each author a house, a general idea of the homeowner and asked us to write our stories. I was elated when she told me my characters were empty nesters (older, seasoned - which is what I write). As I developed my story, I decided to incorporate my next door 'neighbor', Nina Sullivan who is Jayne's age and best friend. As I wrote my story, I fell in love with The Millers - Phillip and Jayne. I've even started writing a follow up to Relationship Resuscitation, called Relationship Restored. My review HERE

The Knock ~ Emme Burton

I had a story idea that was a spin-off of the characters, Donovan and Posey from The Better Than Series. It was originally going to be called "Completely Inappropriate." I had been saving up information and anecdotes I'd heard or read about police officer's spouses and older woman-younger man (cougar) relationships. When Isabelle asked me to write a story for The Juniper Court Series, I knew it was the right time to write Posey's starting over story.

Unexpected Love ~ Vicki Green

When Isabelle approached me, I had no idea what story I would write. As with some of my other books, one day I was taking a nap and a story idea hit me. I'd always wanted to write a single daddy romance and this was perfect! I think I fell in love with Greer as I wrote. Swoon!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring us and this fun series!

  2. 💗 Thanks for sharing our stories! This was an awesome experience! I think we all created something pretty incredible for readers.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring us today on your blog ❤️

  4. I loved the idea of this series from the moment I heard about it! Hearing that all the authors were given prompts of sorts makes it even better! I've only read Project Paradise so far. But I have all but one on my Kindle waiting to be read. I plan to pick up that 7th book soon.

  5. Thank you for sharing! Such a great experience!

  6. Just reading this info about the author's and their stories will make me look at my cul-de-sac in a whole new light! Good luck ladies, this sounds like an interesting series.