Saturday, December 16, 2017

Dragon Mine

*Book source ~ Purchased
4 June 2014
Paranormal | Romance
99 Pages

My Rating ~ 3 bites

Ellie and Kirin come from different parts of the same world. She’s a magic user and he’s a dragon. The two rarely mix, but they had a relationship. Once. Now they must pair up to find both of their fathers who have gone missing at nearly the same time. Something evil is brewing and they need to put aside their past hurts to stop it before more people get hurt.

This is an interesting world, but I just couldn’t like Ellie or Kirin. Ellie is too easily led by her desire for Kirin’s hot body. After he betrayed her I just find it hard to believe she can even look at him without wanting to kill him. Instead all she can think about is how sexy he is. Gag me. Kirin, well, I just said he betrayed Ellie. Enough said. The plot is interesting, if a bit rushed. That could be due to the shortness of the book. But I do like the world in which it’s set.

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