Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Keepers

*Book source ~ NetGalley
Kathleen Pickering, Beth Ciotta
5 November 2013
Paranormal | Romance
304 Pages

My Rating ~ 3 bites

It’s Christmas Eve in Salem, Massachusetts and the sun has all but disappeared. No one can figure out what is happening, but the Keepers know it’s not a scientific phenomenon. They believe it has to do with their world, the Otherworld. They need to figure it out fast and fix it before history repeats itself and they have another Salem Witch Hunt on their hands.

This anthology features four stories by four different authors. While the stories are stand alone they do intertwine with the other stories as each Keeper tries to determine what is causing the Darkness and how to fix it.

Do You Fear What I Fear? By Heather Graham
Not only is Samantha Mycroft the Keeper of Keepers, she’s also the Vampire Keeper. Daniel Riverton is the vampire she wasn’t supposed to love. He’s back in town to help solve the Darkness problem and maybe win Sam back.

The Fright Before Christmas by Deborah LeBlanc
Rebekah Savay is the Keeper of the Five Elementals. Vaughn Griffith competed with Rebekah for the position of KOFE and now he’s back in town after leaving her 3 years ago. He wants to help with the Darkness, but what he wants more is to win Rebekah back.

Unholy Night by Kathleen Pickering
Katie Sue Montgomery is the Keeper of the Selkies and the love of her life is Jett, a selkie who can only return to land every seven years. Will these two be able to continue to make a very long distance relationship work?

Stalking in a Winter Wonderland by Beth Ciotta
Juniper Twist is the newly appointed Keeper of the Witches. Basel Collins is the grandson of the high priestess of the local coven.  Eight years ago they were in love, but something happened and June ran away. She traveled the world studying her craft, but was unexpectedly called home to take over Keeper duties when her uncle passed well before his time. Can they solve the problem of the Darkness and fix the past?

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