Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Freedom to Submit

*Book source ~ NetGalley
7 September 2013
160 Pages 

My Rating ~ 1 bite

Danisa Milan is doing surveillance work one night with one of her partners when she gets a murder on video. Now her life is in danger. Sheriff Brady Braxson and his roommate, rancher Lucas Holt, take her into their home for her own protection.

The setup is pretty good. Wrong place, wrong time is done fairly well. But what follows? Ugh. I walked away at 33%. Brady seemed ok except for a dumbass decision. Lucas just seems like an asshole. He doesn’t even know Danisa, but as soon as he meets her he can’t wait to make her his little submissive. Assume much? Danisa is too good to be true. And what’s with her jumping straight to sex with Lucas, a guy she only just met? It’s all a bit too much to believe and I need at least something to believe in to make a story work. This wasn’t doing it for me.

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