Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Donny and Ursula Save the World

*Book source ~ NetGalley
28 February 2013
Romance | Humor
298 Pages

My Rating ~ 3 bites

Donny and Ursula, an unlikely couple if there ever was one. And yet…somehow they make it work. Along with some friends they take on a big agribusiness in order to save the world.

Ok, this is one of the weirdest books I’ve ever read. That’s not monster porn. Ursula is really weird in a hippy kind of way and Donny is your average Joe schmoe. They have strange friends who end up helping them on their mission to save the world from AgriNu (poking Monsato in it’s great big ass). It’s told from several POVs including Mother Earth herself. It’s a bizarre and trippy read. Kinda long-winded at times with the froufrou stuff, but overall, interesting.

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