Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fool Me Once

*Book source ~ Library
Steve Hockensmith, Lisa Falco
8 August 2015
Cozy Mystery
336 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites and a nibble

After Alanis McLachlin inherits her estranged mother’s shop, the White Magic Five & Dime, in Berdache, Arizona she tries to track down and make things right with old customers her mother has conned. After sort of adopting an abused wife that was one of those customers, Alanis then needs to find the real killer of Martha’s husband when Martha is arrested for his murder. In only a few short weeks since hitting town, Alanis is once again smack in the middle of a murder investigation. She barely survived her last nose poking. Will she be so lucky this time?

I have to say, I’m loving this series. Alanis is a different kind of “heroine.” She doesn’t fit any kind of mold. In fact, she may have broken the mold. She goes about things in a way I never expect and it’s all because of the way she grew up. I can’t even begin to imagine her childhood, so she keeps me on my toes. The murder mystery kept me guessing and there are great secondary characters. All-in-all an excellent way to spend an afternoon.


  1. Never heard of this series but it sounds like a good one. I love me some cozies. :)

    1. I bet you'd enjoy this series. I have book 3's review next week. I'm not helping with the cozy ban, am I? lol