Saturday, October 1, 2016

#BookishResolutions Progress Report ~ September 2016

The 2016 Bookish Resolutions Challenge is hosted by 
Laura at trips down imagination road and Michelle at Because Reading.

The Road So Far...
has changed from a smooth, well-paved, 4-lane highway into a pothole-filled, dirt road overgrown with weeds in the middle of Deliverance Country. And me without a 4-wheel drive and a shotgun.
Reading Goals
1.  Get my NetGalley % up to a minimum of 80. Currently at 49%
**Possibly good. Maybe.** Goal remains to be seen.

2.  Finish 3 series that I ha
ve started and that are now complete.
          Sookie Stackhouse
          The Hollows
          Night Huntress
**Once again, fail.** I can't even.

3.  Listen to a minimum of 1 audiobook a month in addition to the ones with the boys.
**Nope.** Goal can't be heard.

4.  Work on backlogged review requests. Try to rebuild review spreadsheet that was lost when computer crashed to help with this goal.
**Sorta. Kinda. ** Goal is taking baby steps.
Blog Goals
1.  Write reviews no more than 24 hrs after completing book unless real life interferes.
**Goal is dead.**

2.  Draft posts for current reads, so I only have to slot in the review when finished. 
**Oh, hey! Yay!** Goal accomplished.

3.  Draft meme posts a few months ahead of time.
**Sorta. Memes are on hold for awhile.** Goal paused.

4.  Maintain alternating schedule as closely as possible: M-W-F then T-TH-S with a weekly Sunday Post. 
**Zippity Do Da!** Goal accomplished.

5.  Start new memes: Book Treasures and Kindle Reviews
**Meme graphics done by Michelle at Limabean Designs and first posts are ready for Feb. Goal reached**
Personal Goals
1.  Develop healthier habits.
         Move more
         Drink more water
         Give yoga a try
**One and a half out of three.** Goal is screwed.

2.  Get this catastrophe of a filing system under control.
**Not happening** Goal ran away screaming.

3.  Write/plot/research my stories a minimum of 20 minutes, 3 days a week.
**This is still a goal?** Goal is clueless.

Bonus: Money permitting, finish the Exterior Library. Post pics.
**We finished the exterior trim!**Goal in progress.


  1. My organizational skillz suck. I have been trying to make my files more organized. I'll just say it's a constant struggle.

    Your exterior library looks awesome!

    1. I try to ignore my piles of stuff for filing, pretending they aren't there. lol

      I can't wait to get started on the shelves inside! *dances around*