Sunday, September 4, 2016

AVR Weekly News ~ 159th Edition

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--- AVR News Update ---
Hello and Happy Sunday!

On the Home Front: AT&T sucks big hairy sweaty shit-covered oliphant balls. My internet was really slow last weekend and then it went out completely on Monday. A tech couldn't come out until Weds, so no internet. Which means no Netflix either. With hubby off Mon & Tues we wanted to watch some NCIS, so luckily one of the libraries had Season 2 on DVD. Yay! The problem with the internet was a box down the road. How they couldn't figured that out remotely is beyond me. And was I the only one in that 2 miles that called to complain?! Of course everyone else has access to cable except for a few houses on our road and nearly all our neighbors are elderly. I doubt they stream. If we didn't stream Netflix or the kids game I would get satellite.

In other news, we got our tractor repaired. WOOT! Though it cost an arm and a leg from each of us. Booo! But yay to finally getting some outside work done. You don't realize how much easier it is to do big jobs with a tractor until you can't use the tractor to do them. Hubby is so happy to be out playing on it. :D I'm happy the drive isn't the Grand Canyon anymore. Will call the gravel guy on Tues to get some in. We'll probably need 32 ton. Yes, it's as much as it sounds, but with a 300'+ driveway taking one load of 16 ton we'll need the 2nd load for down by the house and where we park all the vehicles. I'll try to get pics or a video of him dumping the drive. It's cool to watch.

Touching Nature: Did some touching yesterday. Hubby scraped the driveway and I raked where he couldn't fine tune with the blade. Then I pulled weeds in our barren desert of a garden. Luckily the weather was gorgeous and in the 70s. Yeah, it's not going to last, so we enjoyed it. I anticipate we'll be moving gravel around next week.

Book News: I have September all scheduled and I've been trying to work on NetGalley November books, but there's been too much running around going on here. Now my review deadline for my InD'tale books looms large (tomorrow), so I need to work on those today.

Don't Touch That Dial!: Hubby & I have made a serious dent in NCIS: Season 2 and we're still loving it. :D

At the Flicks: Nada

Cyberspace Playground: I got nothing.

Randomness: This because I thought it was entertaining. :) *spotted on Facebook*

Carol's Nuggets of Wisdom: Learn to identify poison ivy. Trust me on this.

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
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  1. Those guinea pigs are hilarious! I can't explain how many times I watched it.
    That's a lot of gravel but I hope you have a picture of it finished would love to see it since I have been looking at the pictures you post on FB.

    No internet is like a nightmare, my kids would cause a riot if the internet went out. Glad it's back up and running.

    I hope you get more time to read this week.
    Have a great week, Carol! happy Reading! ox

  2. Love the guinea pigs! I don't drink coffee, but pumpkin spice is everywhere! Hope that everything with the gravel goes well, and have a good week! :)

  3. We had huge problems with our Time Warner internet last week. The guy told me to disconnect the coaxial cable and he would try to force a signal. Well, I have a degree in broadcasting and you can send a signal through a disconnected line. In fact I think common sense says that you can't send a signal to a modem that is disconnected. Ha ha. He just wanted to send a repair guy out so they could hint about getting a tip (because thry did something "extra" for you that threy don't do for other customers, ha ha). I told the guy off and went in and banged on the modem a couple of times and it works fine now. I think they are all idiots! Have a fabulous week. :)

  4. I am glad the weather was nice for you guys so you could get out and work on your yard and lane. It's been nice here too but still a bit hot. I like fall but I don't want winter to I love NCIS, it's my favorite show so I am glad you are enjoying it. :)

    Happy reading,
    Week in Review

  5. I've also been having issues with my ISP, Time Warner, since I've been back home for the school year. Same issue I had in the spring. They tell me it's the router/modem that needs to be "reset" weekly. I call big fat f*ing bullshit since it is THEIR router/modem and not one I purchased. I am not pleased with it at all.

  6. I'm sorry about your internet, that sucks! I also have AT&T but for me there the best option around. Of course I live practically in the city. Ugh, I hate living in the city, can't wait to get a place in the country. Then I can order 32 tons of gravel lol!! I can't wait to see that video :) I'm glad mother nature was nice to you and you were able to get some work done. Enjoy it while it lasts, word is she's going to through a major temper tantrum this winter :( happy reading Carol!

  7. Gah, that sucks about the internet. So darn frustrating! And laughed at your NCIS comment on FB this morning. Better days are coming, I promise!

    I can't even imagine 32 tons of gravel, holy cow. I wanna see that video for sure!