Sunday, June 16, 2013

Knight in the Woods

Title ~ Knight in the Woods
Series ~ Knights of Passion Series 2, Story #3
Author ~ Evie North
Publisher ~ Evie North
Published ~ 6 May 2013
Genre ~ Historical/Romance/Short

My Rating ~ 4 bites out of 5

Lady Sybille’s father married her to Sir Randall Carlyon and she wondered why he would tie her to a man so cruel. Her only conclusion is that Sir Randall had them fooled before the marriage. After, he was a changed man. Cruel, abusive and greedy Sybille’s only relief is when he spends long periods of time in London. Knowing it’s wrong, she can’t help but hope he will have an accident and never return. Her godmother tells her that men can change, but Sybille knows Randall never will. However, when he unexpectedly comes home, she does notice something different about her husband. Is there enough trust left in her to give him a chance? Is he playing a malicious game with her? Or is there something else at work?

This short historical romance has a bit of fantasy wrapped up in it. Fast-flowing and slightly steamy my only complaint was how quickly Sybille gave Randall a chance even after his previous cruel treatment of her. Other than that this is a pleasant read and I must say that the ending surprised me.

*Book source ~ Picked up for free on Amazon.


  1. Looks like a good book, might pick it up when my TBR list is a good 50 books lighter, lol.

    1. Ha! If you're like me that never happens. I read one and pick up two or three (or more o.O). This is a short one though. Can be read fairly quickly. *nudges in direction of the evil One-Click*

    2. *sigh* the troubles of a book slut. :D Argh, why don't I get these replies?!