Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Trinity Signs

Title ~ The Trinity Signs
Author ~ Scott M. Sullivan
Publisher ~ Digital Ink Publishing
Published ~ 28 June 2012
Genre ~ Paranormal/Fantasy/Suspense

My Rating ~ 4 bites out of 5

John Benjamin is the last of the bloodline linked to the Brotherhood of the Sealed and Tobias Ramsey is the last of the Guardian bloodline who protected the Sealed. It’s up to them to find each of the three Trinity Signs, activating the last one to banish the Devil for the next thousand years and not die along the way. Two guys against all the evil in Hell and the Devil, too. Not a problem. Right?

Tobias Ramsey has spent his life protecting mankind from monstrous beasts, beasts they never know about or would believe if they saw them. John Benjamin is a drunk with no clue as to his bloodline until a monk shows up with the Crux Signate (a silver cross) and a couple of Hell Hounds on his heels. Passing the Crux to John he sacrifices himself holding off the Hell Hounds so John can escape into the woods which is where Tobias meets up with him, dispatching the beasts. They head to a neighbor’s cabin to fix Tobias’s wounded hand and after an attack by a Phantom, end up taking the lovely Sam with them when they head to The Trinity Church in Boston to look for the first Sign. That’s when things get really interesting.

Well-written, great plot, fast pace, interesting characters and a race against time. I love a good race against time story to get the blood pumping. Will they or won’t they? What happens next? Will they all make it to the end? What’s the answer to the riddle for the next Sign? What kind of monstrous evil will strike next? All things that keep me reading until the end. This is my first book by Sullivan, but I enjoyed it so much it won’t be my last.

*Many thanks to the author for providing me with a review copy. Please see disclaimer page.

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