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Tainted Night, Tainted Blood

Title ~ Tainted Night, Tainted Blood
Series ~ Kat Redding, #2
Author ~ E.S. Moore
Publisher ~ Kensington
Published ~ 3 July 2012
Genre ~ Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

My Rating ~ 4.5 bites out of 5

Kat Redding was a monster hunter, hunting down vampires and werewolves with her brother Thomas until they were captured and she was turned into a vampire and Thomas was tainted with both vampire and werewolf blood making him an uncontrollable insane killing machine. It’s been years since her turning and the last time she saw her brother, but Kat continues to hunt the rogues who torture and kill Purebloods (humans) earning her the title Lady Death.

There are few who know that Lady Death and Kat are the same person. When brutal killings show up with her style and signature sword marks the monsters believe Lady Death has gone mad. After it’s determined by the local werewolves she’s not the one doing the killing, Kat agrees to an uneasy alliance with them to find the person responsible for the carnage. But when Kat discovers who the killer is will she survive what needs to be done?

A compelling second book about Kat Redding and the delving into the psyche of a monster who hates being a monster. Kat hates what she is, but she’s dealing with it as best she can. In this book she has problem after problem dumped onto her and when she’s confronted with her past, the result sends her over the edge. This is one of those books that you love and you hate. The story is excellent, but you hate what a character you care about has to endure. And the ending, can I say how much I hated the ending? Not that it was a bad ending, far from it. I just hated that it ended the way it did. Read it and you’ll understand. I’ll say no more except to say I’m so glad Book 3, Blessed by a Demon’s Mark is out and I can see what happens next.

Well-written, compelling characters, fast action and internal struggling, this book is an excellent read. I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes books similar to the early Anita Blake series by LKH or the new Deacon Chalk series by James R. Tuck.

*Many thanks to Kensington for providing me with a review copy. Please see disclaimer page.

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