Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Almost There...

Finally got our van back the morning of the 20th which was when we were supposed to be heading to Carolina Beach. Driving over 200 miles there and 200+ back on a brand new engine was not something we wanted to do, but the reservations were not changeable, so away we went. The van did fine getting us there and taking us around where we needed to go such as the NC Aquarium in Fort Fisher. Unfortunately, it started to act up when we were about 20 miles from home. I'm thankful we actually made it home, but several problems cropped up (one not engine related, the others were) that had our van visiting two shops last week before we got it back...again...on Friday. *sigh* All appears to be well now. *fingers crossed*

Stress. I don't need anymore of it thankyouverymuch. I have declared that October is to be Bad Juju Free or there will be hell to pay. I have spoken!

Playing catch up around the house and with emails and such while shoehorning in Dr. appointments and things of that nature. I should have multiple reviews soon. I know everyone is excited about that. :D

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