Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Rake

The Rake
   ~ Mary Jo Putney
Publisher ~ Zebra Historical
Published ~ 27 March 2012

My Rating ~ 5 out of 5

Reginald Davenport is a disinherited alcoholic rake. Lady Alys Weston has been sort of masquerading as a man in order to keep her job as steward of Davenport’s newly acquired estate. The two are about to meet and their lives will be forever altered.

I loved it! The hero is flawed and the heroine is strong. The story flowed smoothly, the plot was engaging and the characters were interesting. I loved how Davenport struggled to beat his addiction to alcohol. It was a compelling account and had me rooting for him to win even when he fell off the wagon.

Alys was no simpering heroine. She was strong in body and spirit, intelligent and not afraid to try new methods to make the estate she was in charge of prosperous for all who lived there.

This was a first read of Putney’s work for me, but I enjoyed this book so much it won’t be the last.

*The publisher provided a copy of this book to me for review. Please see disclaimer page.


  1. Oh this sounds wonderful and i love a strong heroine who fixes a flawed hero..thanks for sharing your wonderful review.

  2. I loved it, Kimba! And you're welcome. :)