Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Witch Who Was a Princess

The Witch Who Was a Princess
   ~ Skye Daphne
Publisher ~ Kaylyn Thompson
Published ~ 11 May 2012

My Rating ~ 2 out of 5

Rosella is an orphan living with her relatives, an aunt and uncle who are the Queen and King of the land. The Queen is a Sorceress and teaches Rosella things about sorcery though the Queen uses her knowledge for evil and Rosella uses her knowledge for good. When Prince Antonio from a different land is captured and his blood is meant to cure the King of an illness, he and Rosella fall in love and plan to escape because every prince and princess deserves their Happily Ever After.

I had some friends commenting on this story, so I decided to see what the fuss was about. My review pertains only to the story and not what caused all the comments behind the scenes.

This is a short story, a quick read and it’s free on Goodreads. The concept is interesting, but the execution needs work. The characters could use some depth and some filling out in personality and the grammar needs polishing. This is a rough gem that some good polishing and editing would make shine.

*The cover art could use some tweaking, too. Rosella is supposed to be good, but the picture makes her look evil.

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