Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review of The Hunter

The Hunter (Legend Chronicles, Book 1) ~
    Theresa Meyers
Publisher ~ Zebra Paranormal Romance
Published ~ 1 November 2011

My Rating ~ 4 out of 5

Winchester, Remington and Colt Jackson are the Chosen. Or are they? They don’t believe so. They believe they are just Hunters. Those who keep humanity safe from supernaturals. However, every supernatural, also known as the Darkin, do believe it especially a part vampire, part fallen archangel demon lord named Rathe. He wants the Book of Legend, so that he can rule Earth and the Jackson brothers are the keepers of 1/3 of it. Rathe sends Lilly, a succubus, to Colt when Colt summons a demon to help him in his search for his family’s portion of the book. And then the fun begins.

I enjoyed this book very much since it was a bit like reading an Indiana Jones or The Mummy story (both movies loved by me) where they race to find an artifact. The characters were well-fleshed (and yummylicious!) and easy to picture in my head. The story flowed smoothly with no noticeable hiccups. The action was fast-paced and not overdone. The characters are likeable except for Rathe, of course. He’s not meant to be liked and boy, oh boy, I can’t wait to see him get his.

This is part one of three parts, one for each brother as they each look for 1/3 of the book. If they are the Chosen, and they’re certainly not admitting that they are, then they need all three portions of the book and all three brothers to seal the Gates of Nyx and keep the Darkin, Rathe in particular, out of the realm of humanity.

I can’t wait for Winchester’s book, ‘The Slayer’ due out in April followed by Remington’s book, ‘The Chosen due out in December. Bring it!

*The publisher provided a copy of this book to me for review. Please see disclaimer page.

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