Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review for Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun ~ MJ Fredrick
Publisher ~ MJ Fredrick
Published ~ 6 June 2011

My Rating ~ 3 out of 5

Brylie Winston and Marcus Devlin, two strangers in the night that pass said night in a bout of wild passionate sex. Brylie sneaks out while Marcus is asleep and goes to her job as chef on a cruise ship heading to Antarctica. Marcus wakes up and instead of being relieved that Brylie is gone, he decides he needs to find her. Only first he needs to show up for a cruise (run by his family) to Antarctica, his family’s idea of punishment for doing something stupid. To his surprise, Brylie is his employee. They set off and the excitement begins.

This was a decent story with great writing, but I just couldn’t like the two main characters. I liked Brylie more than Marcus, but even she ticked me off by letting her hormones rule her head in regards to Marcus. Marcus is one of those guys I can’t stand, he’s rich and selfish, pushy and obnoxious and doesn’t take ‘No’ for an answer. Brylie was a wimp who let him walk all over her.

When pirates attack the cruise ship he redeems himself a bit by being a quick thinker, but then he ruins it by being Mister I’m-in-Charge-even-though-I’m-less-than-useless-because-I’m-a-spoiled-rich-ass. Gah! The danger and life-threatening situation should’ve changed him at least a little bit, but by the end he was still the same jerk, in my opinion. I have no respect for Brylie for sticking with her rich loser at the end.

Brylie and Marcus were like little pebbles stuck in my shoe while hiking the Grand Canyon. The view is awesome, but the pebbles are so annoying it takes away from the splendor. The story Midnight Sun was awesome, but Brylie and Marcus were annoying.

*The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. Please see disclaimer page.

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