Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kindle Fire: Part Deux

I'm happy to announce my Kindle Fire is on, well, fire! Ok, not literally, but it is finally registered and I've sideloaded some books and music to it. Since I don't have WiFi here at home I have to sideload everything. I thought that wouldn't be an issue, but I find I'm not patient enough to do it even though it's actually not that hard to do. Jeez, I should have known since I'm famous for having no patience (I grocery shop at 6am just to avoid moronic people, lol). My computer is old and requires a wired network, but I've since discovered we can have a combined wired and wireless network. Yay! That means I just need to get a wireless router that has 4 ports and I'll be surfing the WiFi waves on my Fire. Should be done this week!

As to the problems I was having...I'm not the only one according to the Kindle Fire forums. I had to download a software update to my computer then sideload it to my Fire. After a reboot, my husband, after many tries, was able to connect and get it registered.

Whether it was the upgraded software, the reboot or something Amazon fixed on their end (or any combination thereof) I'll never know. I feel bad for those still experiencing problems while at the same time I'm doing a Happy Dance and glad they can't see it. :)


  1. I find humor in this because I and my co-workers experienced the same thing trying to downloading audio books from overdrive/amazon and they were about read to trash the thing.The Wifi is so splotchy where we work, and connectivity sucked. We found ourselves waiting for a long time just for the books to show up, if they even did that. Some my co-workers still don't like it. I am debating on buying one myself but not for book purposes though.

  2. I actually enjoy my Fire very much and I still haven't tried everything it's supposed to do! We now have a wireless router with 4 ports, so everyone here is surfing and I can access the 'net via wi-fi. I have no problems connecting here at home. I have not yet taken it out and about and checked it's connectivity in the big bad world. All I can say is that after the initial hiccup, so far I'm happy with it. :)