Thursday, February 3, 2022

The Purveli


Ava has always been different. Born with strong telepathic abilities, she lives a very isolated life until she is offered a job with an obscure network that aids powerful Immortal Guardians in their quest to protect humanity from the psychotic vampires who prey upon them. Suddenly, she doesn't feel so different. For the first time in her life, Ava has found a place where she belongs. She's happy. Life is good. And when her employers invite her to join a group of other gifted ones and a handful of Immortal Guardians on a journey to another planet, it becomes absolutely fantastic.

In no time at all, she is speeding across the galaxy aboard a Lasaran warship manned by two amazing alien races. It's the dream of a lifetime... until a vicious attack by a mutual enemy of Lasara and Earth lands her alone in an escape pod with no habitable planet in sight and only one ship within range: one that carries the enemy who wants to know why the bioengineered virus they released on Earth long ago didn't exterminate humanity and leave the planet ripe for their claiming.

Jak'ri doesn't know how long he has been a prisoner aboard the Cebaun, but he fears the enemy's twisted experiments will soon lead them to a virus that will eradicate the Purveli people. Despair grips him until a female from Earth is taken captive and reaches out to him telepathically. The gift that Ava said caused her such misery in the past soon becomes his salvation as the two of them form a fast friendship. Determined to distract each other from the horrors of their existence, they immerse themselves in telepathic communion during the day, then seek solace and adventure together in shared dreams. As their friendship deepens into love, the two hatch a daring plot to escape their captors. But the enemy will not let them go without a fight.

Can Ava and Jak'ri stand against so many and emerge victorious?

Book source ~ ARC
My review is voluntary and honest.
18 January 2022
Sci-Fi | Paranormal | Romance
347 Pages

My Rating ~ 5 Bites

Ava is a gifted one with telepathic abilities. Recruited by the network to help the Immortal Guardians she finally is free to be herself without fear of people thinking she’s crazy, or worse, being seized by asshats determined to subject her to tests to see how she ticks. Screw that. Pretty easy choice, right? So Ava is happily enjoying life and then the leader of the Immortal Guardians asks her if she wants to travel to another planet and possibly help an alien race repopulate. Completely her own choice on the procreating part. No forced impregnation shenanigans will be going on (that’s a totally different kind of book). Ava jumps at the chance to 1. Travel in outer space 2. Meet aliens 3. Possibly find love. So she and 9 other gifted ones and 5 female Immortal Guardians head out into the final frontier (if you don’t count deep deep deep oceans here on Earth). What’s to hate? Holy shit. Ava’s about to find out what there is to hate. But will her new circumstance mean giving up on finding love?

Wow. Who would have thought that a book containing capture, torture, and medical experimentation, is actually a love story? Because it is. A love story, that is. It’s also going to make you cringe. Yikes and ouch! Beware the triggers before reading.

The description of space battle, alien planets, and ships are so vivid I can imagine myself walking the foreign terrain. Ava and Jak’ri (and his brother Ziv’ri) are characters I can fully invest in. All the characters in this series are that way, thank the Book Gods. This book will overlap with The Segonian in a few places and it’s wonderful to see Eliana again but from Ava’s perspective.

This is yet another awesome book in the Immortal Guardians Universe that now contains the Aldebarian Alliance. It has the same kickass characters, snappy dialogue, humor, action, romance, steamy hot goodness, and attention to detail that I’ve come to expect from Dianne Duvall. A most excellent read! I’m very much looking forward to the next book and all the others I’m sure will come for the those who were scattered during the attack on the Lasaran warship. I cannot wait to read about their adventures and the loves they will surely find.

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