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A Zombie Cosmetologist Novella, #2
9 June 2020
146 Pages

My Raiting ~ 3 bites and a nibble

Waylon Jenkins is a zombie and the thing about being a zombie is, they don’t die. They do have to sometimes replace body parts though. Ewww. Anyway, Waylon is also a fairly famous cosmetologist. So skilled he works with Hollywood stars. So what is he doing joining a strike team going to the Central American jungle to rescue a disembodied zombie? Good question.

When Dr. Samuel Early (who brought back Waylon as a zombie) realizes a zombie has been left behind during a military mission he insists they need to go back and rescue him. Because a zombie can’t die. Even if a tiny piece exists the soul stays attached to it and the person is left stranded. Since Early is Waylon’s ticket to dying there’s no way he’s letting the good doctor go traipsing off to who knows where into who knows what kind of danger. And that’s where the fun begins.

This is a humorous story about zombies, military buddies, and a cosmetologist who never gives up. It is not a deep read. It’s purely entertainment so suspend your disbelief and leave logic at the door and you should be just fine.

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