Thursday, February 18, 2021

Who Let the Demon Out?

Book source ~ ARC. 
My review is voluntary and honest.
18 August 2020
Fantasy | Paranormal
168 Pages

My Rating ~ 3 bites 

As Sable attempted suicide in the middle of nowhere she is brought back to life by a Good Samaritan who is passing by. Sable is not happy. She had it all planned out and now she’ll have to try again. Except, when she came back, something hitched a ride. And now Sable is tasked with finding the demon who escaped and sending it back where it belongs. Um, she has to do what?

This seems like a great concept and it is. To an extent. The execution leaves a lot to be desired though. It’s like the author created a first draft and then published it without beefing it up. It’s lean. Very lean. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The story moves right along at a good clip and if you just sit back and enjoy the ride then it’s an ok read. I would have preferred a more beefier version, but this will work for an afternoon/evening/whenever bit of entertainment.

Sable’s Good Samaritan, Jack, is a bit too good to be true though. He just happens to have all the skills Sable needs to gank the demon back to Hell. Quite a bit of good fortune for her. I do like the concept and may check out the next book to see if the writing improves.

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