Thursday, November 5, 2020

Rise of the Thing Down Below

Book source ~ NetGalley
13 October 2014
264 Pages

My Rating ~ 3 bites

Comfort Cove is a special town. Its population has only gay men. And there may be some supernatural elements, too. Deck Waxer is a former police officer and the local paranormal investigator. When men start dying down by the water and it’s looking like it’s not a human doing it, Deck is called in to help investigate. SandMen Strip is due to open on the boardwalk soon and the big attraction does not need to feed more victims to a monster hungry for human sex and food. Deck and law enforcement are doing their best to find who or what is murdering men and tearing them apart before opening day, but will they make it in time? 

Wtf did I just read? This is some of the most seriously creative M/m sex I’ve ever read in a story. Then add the absolutely insane killer and what do you get? Some fucked up shit going on. I hadn’t realized when I picked this up on NetGalley that it is a book 3, so I have no idea what happened in books 1 & 2. This book mentions past events, but nothing definitive, so that leaves me clueless and annoyed. There are a LOT of characters in this. At times it is hard to keep them all straight. Heh, I said straight when they are all gay. I meant tell them apart. Bonus points for all the creative sex, but the rest of the story is just meh to me.

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