Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Wolf and the Water

Some secrets are worth killing for.

Book source ~ Tour
8 October 2020
YA | LGBT | Historical
268 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites

Kepos is an ancient city in a valley protected from the souls of the dead by a huge wall. Ten families rule their lands with the high priest Archon guiding them all. Kala is from the least powerful family, the Glauks. When her father mysteriously dies her mother has to remarry according to law so there is always a man ruling the house. Kala, as the only surviving child, could marry and her husband would be in charge except she is deformed after a sickness and they are sure no one will want to marry a cripple. In fact, according to the law her parents should have had her killed. Nice place, right? Anyway, Kala thinks her father was murdered and when an attempt is made on her own life she knows something dark is afoot in the shadows, trying to claim her land. But Kala finds out there is a bigger worry and now she has to choose: fight for her land and people while someone is trying to kill her or flee.

If you’re looking for a young adult, historical, fantasy filled with intrigue, some romance, and nail-biting tension then look no further. Kala is a wonderful character who overcomes odds that would break others. Melissa, the slave who sticks by her side, is also a wonderful character. Others in the story don’t seem to have as much depth. While they aren’t as well-fleshed most are still decent characters. I wasn’t too impressed with Leon for nearly all of the book. It isn’t until near the end that he starts showing he’s worthy of as strong woman as Kala.

I love the plot of this story. The Water behind the Wall that no one in Kepos is supposed to know about except the acolytes is quite the whopper of a secret. A secret that is so huge that people are killed to keep from telling about it. All the while, the Wall is failing and the people in Kepos are ignorant as to their danger. Wow. Tension! I am a little fuzzy as to Kala’s dad’s part in all of this, Soraya’s part, Archon’s part, and the pirates. I don’t get it. Plus, the ending, while being quick thinking on Kala’s part, also doesn’t feel right. A lie is still a lie. Maybe book two will clear this up. Lastly, I felt Kala waited entirely too long to act. I know it was probably to build tension, but I think the time could have been shortened. I mean, who sticks around for weeks when someone is trying to kill you and you have a secret that has killed others? I know I wouldn’t wait. In any case, this is still a fantastic story that will have you on the edge of your seat. Especially that ending!  Don’t pass it by.

The Author
I have always written stories, but it wasn't until I started the first book in the Solis Invicti series in 2014 that I really became obsessed with writing. I love to read, particularly where the escapism of the story is enhanced with an element of fantasy or science fiction. For me, writing is simply an extension of that journey, but I get to decide what happens next (though it's amazing how often the characters seem to decide for themselves what I'm going to write!).

I love to hear from readers, so please do get in touch through my website or via Twitter.

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