Thursday, August 6, 2020

Lost Talismans and a Tequila

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Book source ~ Kindle Unlimited
10 July 2020
Paranormal | Humor
298 Pages

My Rating ~ 5 bites

Tori Dawson will do anything to save the man she…loves? Does she love Ezra, the mage bound to a demon and who is fast running out of time? Maaayyybe. Oh, who am I kidding? She’s the only one who hasn’t cottoned onto the fact she loves him. Duh. Tori and Ezra and their friends belong to The Crow and Hammer, a guild for magic wielding people. Except Tori is a liar liar pants on fire. She has no magical abilities, but to be fair her Guild Master lied about her first to the magical authorities (MagiPol), so it’s okay to fib about how she is completely human with no magical mojo and yet she’s privy to the magical world. Right? Of course!

In this story, Tori has put her bartending duties aside because she’s on a quest to find a way to save Ezra before he goes completely insane from being bound to a demon for many years and his Guild Master has to put him to death. She knows his best friends, Kai and Aaron, have done everything they can think of for Ezra, but she’s new to the group and a fresh set of eyes, brain, and ideas can’t hurt, right? Except, the only thing she’s come up with is to trust Ezra’s demon and go in search of basically a Holy Grail. Man, she does like to make life tough for herself doesn’t she?

I can tell this series is winding up to a big finish. Things have gotten serious and dangerous, but there’s still humor and kick-ass action to keep it going full speed to the end. I love the characters, the world, the magic, and the danger. I also love the brief cross over from the Demon Codex series. If you like entertaining books with magic, humor, danger, and some romance then do not pass up this entire series AND the sister series. I’m not even kidding. Hours of enjoyment are right there at your fingertips. Grab them!

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