Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Ship of Shadows

Book source ~ Tour
Middle Grade | Fantasy
16 July 2020
288 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites

Aleja loves to read about pirates and adventures, but is stuck helping in her family’s tavern in Seville. One day she wants to be an explorer, no matter what anyone says about it not being proper for a woman, and she gets her wish much sooner than she expects. When she is driven out of town by counterfeiters and hides on The Ship of Shadows they take her away while continuing on their mission. They’ll drop her back in a few months, but will she want to leave?

What a wonderful adventure! Aleja fits right in with the magical ship and her all female crew. But they are wary and don’t really trust her until she proves herself over and over again. This is everything Aleja has ever wanted, but she misses her family and worries about what they are thinking since she just up and disappeared. But right now she has to help her new friends find what they are searching for. And she’s having fun while doing that.

Action-packed and full of new experiences this pirate tale is different and exciting. The characters shine and the plot moves swiftly along under full sail. My favorite character is the ship. How cool is it? Totally cool! The author is unbelievably creative when it comes to the ship and it’s magic. I didn’t get to see much of the villain who is chasing them, but he seems to be an asshat that needs a good beating. The story has a conclusion, but the adventure has not yet ended. I look forward to seeing where The Ship of Shadows sails next and whether Aleja will be joining the crew for all time or will she scurry home to her family. I bet I know the answer to that.

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