Sunday, June 7, 2020

AVR Weekly News ~ 347th Edition

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--- AVR News Update ---
Hello and Happy Sunday!

On the Home Front: I did some rearranging and cleaning out of shit. Why are we such hoarders? Ugh. Anyway, on Tuesday we got our new couch and reclining loveseat to replace our nearly 20-yr-old stuff that was total crap at this point. They are SO nice! And then I did something to my foot. I didn't even notice it until I was showering, but the bruise was extensive. The last few days it's been sore, swollen, and the bruise has spread. I was forced to stop doing things around the house and sit in my cushy new reclining loveseat with my foot propped up. What a hardship. lol  My foot felt better yesterday so I mowed. And my husband made a new mailbox post so we're going to install it today. After that I hope to prop my foot up some more.

Other than that, my week has been quiet. I've been spending way too much time watching social media and it's rage inducing, so I need to start limiting my time on it. Or I may start burning this country down. 

I now provide you with some photos to enjoy. Or not. lol


reclining loveseat

Trip's curio cabinet
(that's not Trip, that's Kyle lol)

some of Trip's Funko Pop collection

Touching Nature: We had a couple of nice days and then yuck. I mowed yesterday and nearly died. Ok, I didn't, but if had an engine it would have been redlining.

Book News: I have no progress to report here.

Don't Touch That Dial!: Perry Mason and that's it.

At the Flicks: Nope.

Cyberspace Playground: Nope.


Carol's Nuggets of Wisdom: There is a lot going on in the US right now and it's a scary dangerous place. Make sure you take time away from social media once in awhile or you will burn out. And if you are one of the protestors, be safe out there!

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
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  1. So I wonder if you got a hairline fracture. My sister had one and she had no idea how it happened. I feel like your foot looks like how my finger looked when I fractured my finger. I would for sure spend as much time off of it as possible incase it is a fracture because it can fracture more. I am also a doctor when I am not designing graphics! ;)

    I was super productive this week, I am an unhoarder, I tend to throw everything out, I hate stuff. Except books, I love those and can fill my house with them. lol

    Have a great week, Carol! Stay Safe! Happy Reading! xx

  2. Wow foot looks bad!!! Thank goodness you had that new reclining loveseat 😜. I can't believe you still mowed with it! How does it feel now after mowing yesterday? Love the new furniture!!

    Yeah, I've needed lots of social media breaks. Thankfully I'm not friends with too many assholes so social media isn't as horrible as it could be.

    Have a great week and stay safe!

  3. Few things are nicer than a cumphy couch. Though, perhaps not when one is forced to sit in one. Have a good week!

    My Sunday Post:

  4. Wow I hope your foot continues to improve. I know I am spending too much time on social media and am trying to back away. I find the protests hopeful but I worry about the COVID reaction in a couple weeks. I am tired of brutal police and corrupt politics.

    I wish I could get on the unhoard train. I did SO much when I moved last year and up until Dec and now I just can't get motivated. I am working on the yard and garden though.

    Have a good week, stay safe and well.

    Anne - Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

  5. I looove that funko pop collection!!! And dang girl! That foot did seem pretty bruised!

  6. Congrats on the new couch! Hopefully your foot heals quickly. Mystery injuries are frustrating because you don’t even know what happened so you can avoid doing it again! I hope you have a good week.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  7. Your foot looks terrible! You mowed the lawn like that?

  8. Oh heavens - that foot looks painful! Time for you to take some time and just curl up with a book ;) Hope your week is uneventful.