Monday, February 10, 2020

Rise of Gaia

Book source ~ TWR Tour
24 August 2019
YA | Fantasy
408 Pages

My Raiting ~ 3 bites and a nibble

Terran’s 17th birthday begins more weird than she ever anticipated. She expected presents and special food and well wishes. But what she didn’t expect were visions showing her horrible things happening to the Earth and the people and animals around her. Afraid to worry her parents she confides in her best friend Beth and Beth suggests they tell her mom. When the visions get worse, they consult a medium and Terran’s world view shifts drastically. She’s just an ordinary teenage girl. Or is she?

Since the title of this book is Rise of Gaia, I don’t think I’m giving anything away by saying that it’s about Gaia rising up to seek revenge on those who are killing her. But she’s this entity, one so massive and powerful and yet sick because of what humans have done to the Earth. So, she calls upon her children to help her. To Terran’s surprise, she’s not just one of them - she’s the favorite. Gaia’s special chosen one. Yeah, don’t get excited, this is not quite the honor you’re imagining it is.

The Earth is sick. It’s being destroyed by mankind. On this I agree 100%. I’m pissed about it and I just live here. Think about if someone were slowly killing you. And you knew they were doing it, but you had no voice to fight back and were growing weaker and weaker. Wouldn’t that, you know, upset you a tiny bit? Well, Gaia is more than upset a tiny bit. Whew doggie. Just you wait until you see what happens. And poor Terran is stuck in the middle. I couldn’t help but compare Terran to Dexter’s sister Deb in the show Dexter. There are parallels to their individual situations and if you’ve seen the show and then read this book, I think you might agree with me. I will say no more. This is an intriguing read if you’re pissed about what’s happening to our planet and want to see what Gaia would do if she were a real entity. A great YA Fantasy with roots grounded in the real world. I recommend.

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