Saturday, February 15, 2020

Cat's Paws and Curses

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Book source ~ Kindle Unlimited
4 December 2019
Paranormal | Cozy
short story ? pages ?

My Rating ~ 3 bites

American Lucy Swift is really enjoying running her grandmother’s knitting shop in Oxford. She never thought she would, but here she is. Of course, her grandmother may be dead, but she’s not dead-dead considering she’s a vampire. So Lucy has the benefit of her wisdom as well as that of the whole vampire knitting circle. Lucy has been holding a knitting circle nights right before Christmas so her customers can have a place to knit presents for family. But one evening, when the lights go out and one of the knitters is murdered, the murderer has to be in the same room. One of her knitters is a murderer! What?

I love this series because it’s cute, humorous (yes, even with a murder or two), and there’s the paranormal aspect with the knitting vampires and all. Plus, magic because Lucy is also a witch. But this one seemed a tad rushed to me. Maybe because it’s a short story instead of the usual length. It just seemed a bit lacking which is why I dropped the rating down from my usual. However, it’s still a nice mystery and I got to see Rafe and Ian. I wish Lucy would give Ian more of a chance. Rafe is ok, but she seems adamant that she will not be with a vampire, so Ian would be more her speed, even though he’s with law enforcement. Or maybe she needs to meet a witch instead. I’m curious where Lucy’s love life is heading. Looking forward to book 9.


  1. I agree that this one felt rushed. I like Lucy and Rafe as a couple but I would have liked Ian and Lucy to have had more of a chance.

    1. It was definitely rushed. I like them as a couple, but I also think Ian and Lucy could work, too. Each guy has complications, but I agree that Ian should have been given more of a chance. I do have a hard time seeing how Lucy is going to get past the whole vampire thing. She should just meet a witch. What can I say? I like characters to have complications. lol