Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Featured Spotlight ~ Juniper Court

We’d like to welcome you all to the Neighborhood of Juniper Court.

Who are “we”? We are 7 authors who have banded together to create this neighborhood with 7 very different households on 1 cul-de-sac.

At 6 Juniper Court… Phoebe Alexander.​
I'm Phoebe Alexander, and I write #sexpositive #bodypositive erotic romance. I am the author of the Mountains Trilogy and the Eastern Shore Swingers Series, and I can't wait to share the story of neighbors gone wild at 6 Juniper Court.
Project Paradise is available now!

Next door is 14 Juniper Court… Isabelle Peterson

I’m Isabelle Peterson, author of The Dream Series and 245 Days. I’ve written M/F, M/M, M/F/M, and M/M/F. Wonder what’s going on behind closed doors at #14 Juniper court? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out. See you in the Neighborhood!
The New Neighbor is available now for pre-order with a pub date of 2/7!

Continuing on to 22 Juniper Court… Sylvie Stewart

Sylvie Stewart here and I'm a spy. No, wait, I meant to say I'm an author of Romance and Romantic Comedy. Really. I'm an author of Contemporary Romance and Romantic Comedy and you won't believe what's going on at 22 Juniper Court.
Then Again is available now for pre-order with a pub date of 2/12!

On to 39 Juniper Court… Lainie Suzanne

I'm Lainie Suzanne and I'm the author of The Nexus Series, a delicious collection of Realistic Erotic Romance. I also dabble in Erotic Paranormal with the Blood Moon Series. I'm so excited to give you a peek behind the doors of 39 Juniper Court.
Power Play is available now for pre-order with a pub date of 2/21!

Then at 43 Juniper Court… Jennifer Theriot

I'm Jennifer Theriot, USA Today Bestselling Author. I write 2nd chance Seasoned Romance under Jennifer Theriot and Spicy romantic comedy under the nom de plume, J.D. Frettier. I can't WAIT to share my story from #43 Juniper Court!
Relationship Resuscitation is available now for pre-order with a pub date of 2/28!
My review is below.

The next home is 57 Juniper Court, penned by... Emme Burton.

I’m Emme Burton, author of The Better Than Series, AwKWard Victoria, a contributing author of several #1 Anthologies and the best-selling Rom-Com SNACK. I’ve got the story of the of neighbors of 57 Juniper Court and can’t wait to share it with you!
The Knock Stay tuned for the cover reveal on 2/7 when it will also be available for pre-order with a pub date of 3/7!

And closing the circle 61 Juniper Court with... Vicki Green
I'm Vicki Green, best seller of contemporary romance, romance suspense, and romantic comedy. I just released my 25th book, Noble's Song! (You may need tissues). You will LOVE what's behind the door of #61 on Juniper Court.
Unexpected Love  Stay tuned for the cover reveal on 2/14 when it will also be available for pre-order with a pub date of 3/14!

Book source ~ ARC
My review is voluntary and honest.
Juniper Court, #5
28 February 2018
Contemporary | Romance
238 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites and a nibble

Phillip and Jayne Miller were the first to buy a house on Juniper Court. Over the years they’ve seen people and families come and go, but they’ve been the rock of the neighborhood. Now that their twins are grown and off to college and they’re approaching the ripe ol’ age of 50 they decide, as loving as their relationship has always been, the sex has been a bit lackluster lately and they need to give it a kick (or maybe a spank?) in the behind. So a relationship resuscitation competition begins between husband and wife. Who will win this steamy revival of their sex life? And does it really matter as long as they’re having hot sexy fun?

I’ll be honest, I don’t really read Contemporary anymore. I used to read it A LOT. But ever since I discovered PNR that genre has sorta dropped by the wayside. However, every once in a while a Contemporary will catch my eye. This one sounded interesting, mostly because my 50th birthday is next month. Next. Month. Gah! *deep breath* Ok, I’m good now. Anyway, I was not disappointed. The story flows smoothly and has larger than life characters you can really see and hear. Maybe smell. Possibly taste. There’s humor and wacky neighbors and a loving long term relationship with all the baggage that comes with it. It’s realistic. And yet it’s not a downer. Hard for any author to pull off, but Jennifer Theriot does it beautifully. Flashbacks mix well with the present to give a deeper look into Phillip and Jayne’s relationship and how they got to where they currently are. There’s sexiness, loving, caring, steaminess and, most of all, humor. The neighbors of Juniper Court make an appearance and they each have their own book in this series. I’m thinking of making an exception to my No More Contemporaries Rule and pick up their books, too. I also have to add, what an awesome idea to get together a bunch of authors to write about each house in a cul-de-sac. Bravo!


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