Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Only a Hero Will Do

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13 July 2017
Historical | Romance
165 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites

When the Legion pairs together Captain Grant Alexander and Elizabeth Atwell, daughter to a viscount, to bring down the mysterious and traitorous Typhon, the sparks fly between them. But Grant, who is never afraid, suddenly fears for Elizabeth’s safety even though she’s proven herself capable. Can these two brave people come to terms with each other and find a HEA among the intrigue and danger?

What an intriguing historical romance! Grant and Elizabeth are well-rounded characters and they nearly walk off the page. The excitement of the danger, the sexual tension, and the mystery and intrigue all make this a worthwhile way to spend an afternoon curled up with a tasty beverage and a soft blanket. The pages practically turn themselves. The ending is a tiny bit of a letdown with a too quick resolution and the thing with Simon frustrated me. However, overall, a great read.

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