Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Kindle Review ~ Orchids and Stone

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*Book source ~ Kindle First
1 April 2016
322 Pages

My Rating ~ 2 bites

Ever since the murder of her sister 20 years past and then her dad’s suicide ten years after Suzanne’s murder, Daphne Mayfield has not lived, only existed. Because her sister’s case was suspended the family never got closure. No one was ever brought to justice and questions of "Why her?" were never answered. The ten year anniversary of her dad’s death (not to mention her sister’s birthday) is looming large and she’s feeling it more this year than the others. When she takes a walk in the park and an older lady screams for help, running up to Daphne and declaring that woman (following her) is not her daughter and she’s being robbed, Daphne is confused and chalks it up to dementia or something similar. But as she thinks about it more, the similarity between the older lady, Minerva Watts, and her sister’s case starts to eat at her. Her dad always thought someone would come forward, that someone must have seen something. Daphne is determined to be that someone for Minerva Watts, but everyone blows off her concerns. Is Minerva Watts a confused old lady or is something else going on?

Wow. Is this book boring or what? And repetitive. Mind-numbingly so. Also, Daphne is such a wishy washy whiney ass that I don’t like her at all. Her boyfriend Vic is sometimes likeable and other times an idiot and her best friend Thea is one of those bitchy friends I can’t understand anyone has. The stupid shit Daphne does is epic though some of it I would probably have done as well, but gone about it differently. In other words, I would have been smarter about it. *sigh* I really can’t stand Daphne. And the book doesn’t get exciting until the end. What a colossal waste of my time.

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