Thursday, February 9, 2017

Dead Man Walking

Book Source ~ Library
1 May 2015
Mystery | Paranormal
208 Pages
My Rating ~ 4 bites

Ishmael Jones, as he’s known today, is a man living in the shadows, doing shadowy work for a secretive company. His employer, The Organization, has sent him to verify a rogue agent is who he says he is, but things go horribly wrong and now he has to find a killer before the killer terminates everyone at Ringstone Lodge. Being a detective isn’t his forte, but he’s the only one he trusts to do the job. Now, if only he can figure things out before everyone is murdered.

Still enjoying this series though it can be quit dumb at times. Seriously. Or maybe I’m not getting all the humor in it. Is it poking fun at itself?  I do find some parts amusing, but some of it just makes me roll my eyes so hard. Unlike the last book where I could not get a handle on who the killer was, I had a strong suspicion in this one nearly from the start. For someone who’s supposed to be intelligent Ishmael can be pretty stupid at times. Some comic relief and a small amount of insight in the form of his girlfriend Penny, but mostly she’s just useless. In any case, it’s still a fast read and Ishmael is an interesting character. 

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