Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wicked Wednesday ~ Holiday-Themed

Wicked Wednesday is pretty much self-explanatory.
It's the day for those book reviews of select nommy tales that are so super steamy and erotic, they must come with a warning label. So hang your cloak of virtue on the rack and join me in the debauchery.
Erotica ~ Mature 18+

*Book source ~ Free on Amazon
Tucker Press
12 December 2014
Monster Erotica
26 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites and a nibble

Kara and her best friend are struggling to get their bakery off the ground. Even with the holidays, it’s proving difficult. Until late one night a miracle happens…

Wtf did I just read? I will never look at gingerbread men in the same way again. LOL And the rhymes? Hilarious! This magical man-sized cookie is one naughty tasty treat. And Kara is lovin’ it! If you’re out and about this holiday season, beware any 6’ gingerbread men. You just might get a load of frosting in your hair. Which would be a waste because Kara says it’s delicious.

*Book source ~ Free on Amazon
M. Chance
13 January 2013
14 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites

Rudy shows Mrs. Claus that he has more than a magical nose. Much more.

I was really hoping this qualified as Christmas monster porn, but it’s more shifter Christmas porn. Though some may argue that having sex while in shifter form should be listed under the “monster” part of porn, I prefer my monster porn to more monster-y, so it just goes under plain ol’ kinky porn. LOL

So, Mrs. Claus has a real thing for Rudy and she’s really got a thing for him while in his half-shifted form. And while she’s always the dominant one, for Rudy she allows him to take charge. Not really my thing. I’m never submissive. However, this is a hot piece of shifter smut and it’s decently written. Bonus that it’s holiday-themed. But I’m taking it down a peg for all the cum. Seriously. How does anyone, shifter or otherwise, have so much cum built up that it fills up a woman’s quim and pours out like a waterfall? And btw, ewwww!

*Book source ~ Free on Amazon
15 December 2012

30 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites

While Santa is away the elves share what’s in their sacks with Mrs. Claus.

The usual Christmas party turns into much more this year when one of the naughty elves spikes the punch. Candy Claus has a cheating husband and when she gets tipsy she decides to take care of business and who better than the hot elves to seal the deal. Gangbang! Four elves and Mrs. Claus do it every which way until she’s loose. Ok, that’s never mentioned but holy fuck! She has to be after an all-nighter with 4 guys filling every hole. More than once. I’m surprised she can even walk. Bonus for being decently written, no mystery gymnast positions or ghost cocks appearing out of thin air.


  1. Dang, the first two are no longer free on Amazon and Mrs. Claus Gets Elfed is no longer even listed. Oh well, I am snowed under right now anyway. Thanks for the reviews. I hope you have a Happy Holiday season, Carol!