Sunday, October 16, 2016

AVR Weekly News ~ 165th Edition

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  • Sunday ~ MemeAVR Weekly News ~ 166th Edition

--- AVR News Update ---
Hello and Happy Sunday!

On the Home Front: What ruled my week? Deadlines. I had/still have lots of them going on, most of them magazine-related. But they were all put aside on Tuesday as we had the grandkiddos all day. Woot! We'll have them again on Weds and I hope I have the last of my most pressing stuff done by then. If not...tough. I'm going to enjoy my grandkiddos time because 1. they're adorable and 2. it keeps me from yearning for more of our own. Play with them, spoil them and send them home. Being a grandparent is so awesome! :D Trip will be home from school Weds (every grade except Seniors are testing, so Kyle has to go), so he'll be able to help out. He loves playing with his niece and nephew and Cutie Kyleigh loves ordering him around. lol

Touching Nature: Touched a lot of Nature yesterday and it was exhausting. No plans to do so again until maybe Thursday.

Book News: Because of deadlines there's nothing to see here. Move along...

Don't Touch That Dial!: Nothing. I know, I know, but deadlines...

At the Flicks: Nope

Cyberspace Playground: Not a damn thing. I hate deadlines.


Carol's Nuggets of Wisdom: I'm not sure if this is wisdom or just superstition, but I don't leave my dryer running while I'm not at home. Ever since I heard the lint can ignite (WTF!) I turn it off before heading out the door. Even though I clean the lint trap, back of the dryer and hose on a regular basis that shit still terrifies me.

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
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  1. OMG The DRYER! I know someone that, that happened too! It's so scary and I wont leave the dryer on either. I don't even want it on at night when we are sleeping. Totally freaks me out!

    I heard spoiling Grandkids is makes the parents so happy! *narrows eyes* it's great! ;)

    A great way to get some stuff done! Stay off FACEBOOK!!!! Gandalf told me to tell you that. ;)

    Have a great week, Carol! Happy Reading! ox

  2. I never leave the dryer on with no one home, but since I tend to do laundry late at night thats easy. Plus mom is almost always home. But yeah, I'm with you in that one. Scary!

    Sorry you've been so busy! But seriously, screw deadlines and have fun with those grand babies :)

    Have a great week! {Hugs}

  3.'s great having the grandkids at home!

    Here’s my Sunday Post!

    Catch you over @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog and check out my new book meme Book Photo Sundays!

  4. Sounds like a buys week but I am glad you got to take time out to enjoy your grandkids! :)

    Have a great week!
    Week in Review

  5. A friend of mine had a dryer fire. Luckily her oldest son was a) home and b) a volunteer firefighter. But it was scary. Since then, I don't leave my dryer running if I'm not home, either.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your grandchildren -- that's definitely worth taking time from work for! Have a great week, and enjoy your new books.

  6. You are not alone. I never leave any appliance running when I am not at home..floods, fires etc scare me. You touched nature. *shivers*