Saturday, October 29, 2016

Angel & Faith, Season 9, Vol. 3

*Book source ~ Library
Author ~ Christos Gage
Illustrators ~ Rebekah Isaacs
Publisher ~ Dark Horse
Published ~ 26 January 2016
Genre ~ Graphic Novel | Media Tie-In | Paranormal
Pages ~ 288

My Rating ~ 4 bites and a nibble

Angel is on the last leg of his quest to resurrect Giles. Faith, while not happy about it, helps him in an attempt to accomplish his goal.

Gorgeous artwork and a decent storyline plus the appearance of my favorite character, Spike. Nom nom nom! This giganamous edition is chock-full of action, violence, fights, dilemmas, surprises and humor. Plus, I did mention it’s gorgeous, right?


  1. I should really try a graphic novel and switch things up. This sounds like a great series with plenty of action. I like the cover too :)

    1. Angel & Faith Season 9, so far, has been consistently good in storyline and fantastic in artwork. And the volumes are huge. :)